Through My Eyes

Explore the world through my eyes…


This is a collection of my own quotes, which I feel, are worth sharing.

How many of u think of math as cool? Hardly anyone! But that boring math is the reason behind cool gadgets such as iphone, 3D TV & lots more.

There’s no peace & prosperity anywhere on earth in free state; but you need to search them in violence & sorrow.

What is the similarity between superstition & science? Science is the tested & most refined form of superstition.

The day you start doubting your abilities is the day you start failing.

Don’t comment on anyone until & unless asked for, or the activities of the person affect you or the society as a whole.

I’m not a genius, neither intelligent nor brilliant; but I’m an avid learner, one who loves to know. And that makes the difference.

What make an ordinary person extraordinary? His/her realization that he/her is extraordinary…and that no one is ordinary.

The reason some people are not successful is because they don’t realize they can succeed.

Innovation doesn’t come out of great minds…innovation comes out of great observers.

We appreciate something which we don’t have. But we don’t appreciate something which we have. If we do the reverse, this world would seem much better than before.

God is nothing more than imagination.

The only way to make India developed is to make its villages developed.

Religion is nothing more than a blind belief, a belief which has no rational explanation to support itself.

It’s actually good to be a rebel, especially, when you know that the world is in the wrong track.

The question of existence or non-existence of GOD is more scientific (cosmological) than philosophical or moral.

It’s good to be overconfident than to be unconfident.

The World III would be for struggle to survive.

Don’t just dream for something, also develop a passion for that something. 

What’s the difference  between a learning machine & a wise? Learning machine doesn’t know what he/she is learning. Wise is fully aware of what he/she is learning.

What’s the similarity between a computer & a rote-learner? Both memorize without understanding a thing.

Every failure gives rise to 10 new successes, if you can learn from the failure.


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