I set my journey to the far east…

searching for the fountain of youth
My heart was filled with a hope…

Hope of exploring eternal prosperity

Of finding the white dove in the woods that sustain all souls

I searched, searched and searched
Dawn turned to dusk, day melted to night

But not even a fistful of those long sought jewels

In despair, I followed new winds

East to West, North to South, I sailed all directions

Again, nothing in my poor hands

I lamented…
Sitting by the riverside, I reflected

The gentle flow of river, the soothing sounds of birds, the harmony of 


Suddenly, I yelled –

“Oh lord, how poor I was to search the rays of hope around,

when those rays were deep inside me. All I need to do is to just ignite 

them with love, care, and gratitude!!”

©Sandeep Deva Misra. 2011-16. All the images in the post are taken from internet. For more information on our copyright policy, go to COPYRIGHT

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