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The Judgement Day

By that time, the news of the end of the world was circulated to every corner of the world & the news that we’re building to preserve our civilization. I don’t know if everyone understood what we did, but certainly, everyone was in panic. A period of panic & distress loomed over the world. It was reported that many people even died of cardiac arrest due to panic. People couldn’t even move to any safe place as there was nothing like a safe place. Prayers & preaches followed. They were all helpless. All they knew was they’d die. Then came an official statement from ISAO that the asteroid group was about to enter our solar system in less than a week & that apocalypse would strike us within that week. The news created panic everywhere. We had launched the chip to space beyond our solar system in a multi-layered microscopic capsule that was resistant to almost all forms of threats, a month ago. At that time, it crossed our solar system. But after the news, we intimated that the countdown remotely to activate the chip. The time, we’d die, the chip would be activated as far as estimation goes.

8.02 pm, 27 Apr, 2093

One day was left for the apocalypse. I can’t tell what we all were feeling at that time. I told my children that we are gonna have a small storm. I asked them not to be afraid. I said goodbye to my friends & near dear. Presidents or the heads of every nation addressed their citizens about the apocalypse & said goodbye. That day I realized one thing for sure that whatever we achieve in this life or whatever we do, one day everything would be doomed. People feel proud of their position, of their wealth, of their success. But one day we’d all be same. Though this long-living human civilization is now gonna end its reign on earth, we’d start a new life in a new world.


8.15 AM, 28 Apr, 2093

It’s now 8 am of the morning & just less than an hour is left of the apocalypse. Fear & anxiety are all over. I’m writing everything because at some point I want the coming civilization to know their origin, their identity. I feel guilty to keep them under darkness. Though it’s against what I had earlier told. I didn’t want to keep any trace of this apocalypse. But now I feel it’s their right to know their origin. Even as I’m writing this, the texts are getting updated in a virtual dairy in a virtual library of my virtual house.


9.42 AM, 28 Apr, 2093

It’s now 15 minutes left. And the effects could be seen in many places. Several places are getting flooded & people are dying everywhere. Earthquakes are hitting almost every place. We also had felt a big tremor few minutes ago. Most of the telecommunications & electronic system are getting failed. I’m sending these texts by a special system.


10.06, 28 Apr, 2093

Another tremor. And and…our home clashed!  Am no w outside with my family. Rushing. big cracks everywhere & just…just now I heard a loud noice. Oh…no…oh…I ca n see water rush ing towards us…And w e ar e jst ab t to be hi…”


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