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The Project Rebirth

A week passed by. One morning, I was called by the president. They had approved the project!! At that time, I was neither excited nor depressed. I was not excited because one way or other we are all going to die. And I was not depressed because at least we can virtually continue our civilization. Immediately, I had put a request to allow me to form a team to start the project.

The days followed…& we were on the way to make it a reality. Not everything was going on well. We faced many difficulties, some of which are even hard to explain because only we knew that the fate of our entire civilization was on our hands.

We had faced another problem that was almost inevitable. Though we had sequenced the brains of almost everyone, still there were many who were left behind in this 10.9 billion+ population. It was a very disheartening fact for me for they’d not survive, at least virtually. Everyone has a right to live. But due to various difficulties we couldn’t make sure that every get their brains sequenced. Creating mental model of so much of people was really really difficult for us. But still we were ready to put some more effort to sequence those who were left behind. Still, we could sequence more than 90% of population.


4 years passed by. At that time, we had around 4-5 months on this planet. Our project was in the process of completion. Only few tests were to be completed. But bad luck struck. In the wee hours of a spring morning, when I was half awake on my bed, I received a call from my team telling that it was urgent. I got up at once & kissed my children who were innocently sleeping unknowing their fate, & left off. Getting there, I inspected the faces of my colleagues. Even when the cold breeze was yet to leave completely & the temperature was yet to rise up, I saw droplets of sweat on their faces. Most of them were anxious & their faces were as red as cherries! I asked the matter. A young, brave scientist came forward & told me anxiously – “An unexpected bug crept in & we’ve just one chance of debugging it. If we succeeds, everything is gonna be okay or else, everything we were working for, for last 4 years, would be shattered.” An unknown fear struck my mind. I was feeling nervous. I asked them to start the debugging process no matter what would happen next. They estimated the debugging time to be 5 hours approx. One of them asked me for the permission to click the button. Amidst fear & dilemma, I ordered to click. And the debugging started which would determine our fate. I’d say that those 5 hours were the darkest hours of my life. Meanwhile, I received a call from my wife. May be she wanted to know why I left off without telling anything. But I was so nervous that I couldn’t even answer her call. 4 hours & 45 minutes passed by. I was getting more anxious. I was suffocating. One of our members even couldn’t stand on his feet & fell down in nervousness. I gave him a glass of cold water & encouraged him to be brave though the reality was that even I was shivering of fear from inside. Then came those 5 minutes that would determine whether we’d be able to preserve our civilization or whether nothing would be left of this civilization. In disgust, I hit the keyboard of a computer which postponed the process by 10 minutes! I slapped both my faces for that mischief. But my colleagues relieved me telling that it’s not something that I did on my own. We had to wait for next 10 minutes & then the process was 99% on its way. 99 changed to 100. My heart was throbbing much faster. And then appeared a new window showing – ‘debugging completed successfully’. Just with the sight of that line, I collapsed on my colleagues for I couldn’t bear the overwhelming joy. We congratulated each other. I immediately called my wife & told her about everything. The following 6-7 hours, we finished the remaining tests & issued a statement that the ProjectRebirth is successfully finished & ready for its next move.

That was really an accomplishing day for me for we finished something that would restart our civilization in another world. I knew that we all will be left in ashes. But still there was also a relief that we all are going to die all together & that we’ve found a way to continue our civilization at least in a different world.


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