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The Grand Plan in the making

Months passed by & things were going on as usual. Gradually, I was also forgetting the matter. But one day, my eyes went on a piece of chip on my desk. I realized the fact that just in a single chip, we store unlimited amount of information. Can’t we store ourselves there? I laughed. And shut down the door of my cabin & left off home. That night, while seeing the night sky full of stars, I realized how beautiful the nature is but humans would be no more to enjoy its beauty. The faces of my wife & children appeared in my mind & made me emotional. I could never think of leaving them. I was thinking if there’s some way to get out of there, although I knew there’s nothing more to it.

Till that time, artificial intelligence became much more advanced. Robots had brains that were almost equivalent to humans, but with some restrictions. There were nanochips which were much powerful than supercomputers of previous decades. And I was actively engaged in those researches.

One night, it again struck – can’t we do just anything to continue our species? Every way I tried to figure out, my answer was no. But I knew that we can’t let things go like that. We need to ‘preserve’ our species. Then, again I remembered the chip on my desk. And that it stores unlimited information. Just all of a sudden, a very wild idea flashed across my mind – storing the entire civilization in a nanochip!

nano-chip-274x186The next day, I called a meeting with top computer scientists, the ISAO administrator & experts from several backgrounds…And discussed the idea.

One of them asked me in irritation – ‘Hey, are you insane? It’s not science fiction. It’s real world. We are going to die & you are making fun??’

Another told me – “I understand your feelings…but these things are not possible. How someone on earth store a civilization in a chip? Are we bits of information?”

I replied – ‘Yes, we are. Our artificial intelligence is so advanced right now that we can stimulate feelings, rationality, logic & all kind of human cognitive features in a machine. Then why can’t we recreate everything in a chip? This’d be like a computer game. And everyone in the game would have feeling, memory & all those things a real human has. I know things are indeed bizarre & hard to believe. But I’d make it a possibility.’

After that, we finished the meeting & left off. Still, there were many who thought of me as insane & few who had the slightest of hope in me.

I worked day night in my lab. It took me months to finish making the model of what’s we are going to do. I presented my research in the International Conference of Artificial Intelligence & Robotics.


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