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Graaandpa’s Diary

He writes…

“The year was 2089. I was working as a computer engineer specializing in artificial intelligence & robotics. I was also closely associated with International Space & Aeronautics Organization (ISAO). I helped them design robotic vehicles & robots for space missions. One day, I received a call from its administrator informing that they’ve discovered a group of large asteroids heading towards our solar system. The size of the group was much larger than ever observed & is enough to sweep away the entire solar system. I immediately picked my car keys & left off for the center. What I saw, was something that gave me a big kick. By no means, we can survive this hit. Even if the earth is not directly hit by that group, the cosmic debris was enough to consume our planet.


He (the admin.) asked me – ‘Is there any possible away to survive this collision?’

I nodded – ‘No’.

In that room, there were scientists & engineers of various backgrounds – planetary, astrophysics, aerospace, robotics, astrobiology. There were also people from defense. Everyone, I knew, said no. I was called specially by the administrator because I was specialized in making advanced robots that help sail the solar system & had also built many defensive robots for them for other asteroid collision threats. But this time, I was also dumb. Everything I knew simply failed.

At that time, the mankind had settled in Martian soil. Asteroid mining was a common activity for mineral extraction & heavy-manufacturing industries. Bases were also set up in moons of other planets. And we were also exploring beyond the solar system. But till that time, we couldn’t find perfect exoplanets for human settlement. Also the economy was not allowing us to take many people to that distance. So, we couldn’t think of leaving the earth & settling elsewhere. If the asteroids were to hit the earth alone, we could have entirely settled in Mars & the moons. But at that time, we were left with no option.

The admin. informed the matter to the president the same night. I went home at around 12 midnight & went off for sleep without disturbing anyone. My wife got up half awake & asked what was the matter. I was not in the mood to explain her the fact that our civilization wouldn’t be any more soon. So, I told that I’d tell her the next day & got to sleep, though I couldn’t, for I was thinking what’d happen next. My son & daughter were too young to understand all those things.

The very next day when my children were out to their school, I explained her what was going to be our fate. She was not believing my words & thought of it as a joke that I do usually with my friends & family. But I stressed that it was all true & we can’t discard the fact. I think my eyes were showing that that day I was serious & she believed me. I couldn’t stop my emotions & so I left off for my work. I didn’t tell about that to my colleagues or anyone else. Around 5 pm of that evening, I received a phone call from ISAO. They called me for a meeting. The President was also there. We discussed whatever we knew. Our latest observation told that the asteroid group was going to hit in 5 years from then. Given the gravity of the matter, we decided to inform that to other countries but not to public anytime soon as it’d cause nothing but panic. The president again asked us at the end – is there no way? The response was negative as it had been since beginning. So, we came to a conclusion that we’d have to get prepared to leave each other. We couldn’t do anything else.


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