This is a short science fiction written by me 3 years back (when I was 15). I had submitted it in Writers of the Future contest and in other sci-fi forums. And now I’m here to share it with you guys…I hope you’d like it. Feedback always welcome! 

Here’s it in 7 parts:


…It was the summer of 2615 that I discovered a truth that was far more shocking than anything else in this world. It challenged our very existence, unveiling a truth that couldn’t be accepted. Everything that I or people like me learned for ages were nothing but lie. I was unable to feel the earth beneath my feet. But now I couldn’t even think of something like earth. They were all lie…


I…I’m Jack. Jack Eniac. My surname might be familiar to some of you who love computers. Yes, it was the first general purpose computer. These days there’s a trend of choosing your surnames to your choice. I had been always associated with computers, so I chose this one. What I do?? Well, I design D.N.C.U. Oh…excuse me. I didn’t mention you what’s that. By this time, we’d have digitized brains that would be the fusion of human neurological system & artificial intelligence. That’s a very advanced combination. D.N.C.U, Digno among friends, stands for Digito-Neural-Cognition-Unit, which is the central unit of our cognition. It’s replaceable & is re-implanted every time you choose to replace. Meaning that it can be changed with newer & advanced models. It can also be recharged after use of more than 1 year. I work for a company that makes Dignos.

I use to be a simple minded guy of 23. I’ve a small family – me & my mom dad. My dad is a retired chief of Interstellar Cyber Security Intelligence or I.C.S.I. My mom is a sci-fi writer. She has authored & co-authored many sci-fi books. In fact, she’s the reason I love futuristic concepts more than anyone. My dad introduced me to the world of Computers. But I was not interested in cyber security, defense & all these stuffs. So I studied Neurocomputics. It’s the study of human nervous system & artificial intelligence & robotics. I’m doing well & have good number of patents to my name.

Life was going on well. But…it took a U-turn while in the summer morning of this June, I was searching my family library for a book (those are digital books). When, I was young, dad told that one of my ancestors – my great, great…great grandpa was a famous computer scientist. His name was David. He had also won several awards. Knowing that, I asked him if he knows more. But he was not sure & there was little record about him. The reason was that, centuries ago in the time of my greaaaat…grandpa, a computer threat attacked the World Wide Web & destroyed many information & could never be retrieved. But that day, I discovered something unusual.

In our library, we had eBooks & papyria (not paper) books. (Well papyria is a new synthetic material of this time similar to papers. They are eco-friendly & can be produced easily & that that don’t decay or damaged.) We also had stacks of old torn out books of ancient times of our ancestors. No one even goes to that compartment. There were thousands of books stack by stack. My dad was about to donate them to a museum last month, but luckily he forgot. Out of my curiosity, I opened the compartment. There were piles of books. I was fascinated to see them. I began from the first stack & started exploring them. That day, mom dad were out for a lunch arranged by his friends. So, I could spend more time there. There were several pieces of works – of science, literature, medicine, artwork, economics, politics & lot more. I could discover real-hand of whatever I studied in my school about ancient time. They were all amazing. After trying the 5th stack, I put my hand on the 6th one. In the middle of it, I discovered something appearing to be a thin book. It was pushed inside & was almost unobservable by the huge books. I removed some of them & pulled it out.old-worn-out-books-reading-37308360-500-362

It was actually a diary. A nearly torn out diary. As I opened it, I saw a small fade away photo of a middle-aged guy & his name below that. I immediately recognized him to be my greaaaat…grandpa who was a scientist that dad had long mentioned about. I was excited & thrilled. I started reading out. He mentioned about his childhood days, his education, his works. He was mentioning about his researches……And all of a sudden, I stopped. There were some thick folded pieces of paper in the 99th page (I guess…). I opened them. I started reading them & as it continued further, my heart started throbbing. I could feel sweat on my forehead & my hands & legs were shivering. I was feeling cold from inside just as I used to feel when my exam results were about to be declared! What I read was something that was beyond the imagination of my wildest dream & I’m certain that anyone who would read this wouldn’t be able to feel her legs. It described the ultimate fate of mankind & what we are today. We are living in a world that doesn’t even exist & ended with my greaaaa…t grandpa centuries ago.


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