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“Daddy, daddy!! Mom, daddy is waking up.”

“What??” I heard a voice of my wife. “Oh, Steve, thank god. You came back. What happened to you? You shouldn’t have drunk too much in the party last night.”

“Last night??” I shouted.

I thought it might be few months I’ve been there in that planet. My head was covered with some sort of machines and I realized that I was in a hospital. My hands, injected with drips. Doctors rushed to me.

“Hello, Steve. Are you okay? Do you recognize Nancy & Nuria?”

“Hmm, yes, I do”, I muttered.

They thought I have lost my memory. Nancy was crying. Seeing that, Nuria was also about to cry. And I remembered that if she starts crying, no one can stop her for hours.

“Nancy? Stop that. You see, I’m back. Don’t you realize if Nuria starts crying, you’ll not be able to stop her alone & I’m bed struck.” She smiled holding my hand. “I’ve something interesting to tell you all. I know you’ll not believe.”

“Okay, we’ll hear you. But first of all get well soon. Doctors gonna inspect you all over.” She told me.

“Hey, you think, I’m sick? I’m alright. I’m fine, dear.” I insisted.

“No, you’re not. Your pulse was much lower than usual. I shouldn’t tell, but doctor was not expecting anything from you. They were about to declare you in coma or even dead within hours. You were not responding since last 4 hours.” She told with her eyes moistened.

“Okay, okay… now stop showing me those eyes. Smile again.” I comforted her.

I was discharged after 2 days of examination.

“Okay, Steve, you’re alright now. Though, we found a very small stuff deep inside your nasal cavity. It’s almost broken. And the fluid around suggest that it’s deep inside your body, maybe, your brain. We sent that for further examination in laboratory.” Doctor told me. “Now, tell what actually happened with you? Was it that you lost consciousness completely, or you were half awake? Some sort of dream?” Doctor asked.

“Well, I’d tell you everything once the report about that stuff come.” I told him.

2 months and the report arrived. It was made up of some kind of organic material, with electronic chip embedded. A nano-scale structure inside. It was supposed to interact with my DNA. The scientists suspected. For them, it was a very different kind of stuff they’ve never seen before. And maybe of great importance. I was called from my office the very day the report came. I came under thorough interrogation. They wanted to know what happened with me actually.

generic_cpu“Steve, we are very interested in that stuff you had inside you. I mean, it’s miracle. It’s very different organo-electronic structure. Very advanced. It played with your DNA. So tell us everything you promised your wife to tell.” Once of them asked me.

For a moment, I thought whether I should tell them or leave it & go home. But then, I thought, if I could bear all that, even in my dream, just to know the truth, I should speak out everything. They may recommend me to a mental health center. Still, I decided to do my part. I yelled out everything I faced. How I get there, what I encountered, how I was saved and how that operating system helped me and talked about emotions. Everything.

“See, Steve, you’ve been critically ill for last few hours. And that stuff inside you is beyond our understanding, but that doesn’t mean we’d buy your theory. I mean that’s complete nonsense. I’m a doctor myself. I suggest you must be going through some serious mental illness due to overtaking of alcohols or it may be a fantasy that you long imagining. Luckily, you were unconscious for more than 14 hours and that time was enough to dream such a long fantasy. That’s it.”

And few others had their own opinions. Though, handful of them supported what I told them. The reason being that that stuff inside me was beyond their reach. I think that’s what that operating system told me how egimos tried to take me there.

Leave those scientists, even my wife, being herself a biologist, didn’t support my theory. For me, that’s a very different experience. Very different from what we usually encounter. It maybe that it’s a fantasy. It’s just a figment of my imagination. Still, I can’t have that long hours dream. And though I was high in my alcoholic intake that night, but still, I couldn’t be paralyzed by that & think about that stuff. Did my body created that? And most importantly, I can’t miss the fact that Xolvia killed herself just to help me. Maybe she wants earth to know about them. Or maybe she got emotionally attached to me. Though, I can’t justify that. Still, for a very advanced program, emotions may be possible. Maybe one day, we design such programs. And that stuff inside me hold answer to many unanswered questions. Since, it was inside me, I’ve a legal right to have it back. I’d myself research on that. There are many things, humans don’t hold answer to. As Xolvia told me that every species think of themselves superior to others, our egos are eating us. And if a computer program can sacrifice for an alien like me, why can’t we for each other?

The End…

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