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Do you know the working principle of radio that we use in day to day life? I guess you know. Still, let me tell you that each station send some signals of some specific frequency. And the receiver in your radio receives them. There are signals of all sorts roaming around. The frequency, to which your receiver is tuned, is received by the receiver. I think we all know that.

Now let’s imagine all the humans on earth are receivers – that radio. And all the events are those stations – signal emitters. Being a receiver, a variety of signal roams around you. Isn’t it? Now, it’s up to you to which frequency you tune yourself. Right? And accordingly, you can enjoy all those signals. This may seem bit hypothetical. But don’t you think it’s a very practical way of thinking?

kgrhqzrqfid3j0mzbsb4ni7ssg60_12Though it seems simple – I mean you are a radio and all the events are stations. Wow! That simple…But is it so? Don’t you think there’s a lot more to this radio-station relationship? Can’t we change our life just by tuning to the proper frequency as we do so in the case of real radios? What I’m gonna discuss is much crucial to your life and very important for you to listen carefully.

Each day a lot of things happen with us. You may get promoted in your job, you children may get good grades in school, your spouse may be happy with you, your health may not be that good, your friends may betray you. So on and on…Each day something happens with us that decides our lifestyle. Sometimes we are happy about them, sometimes sad. But the thing is that you only consider those events which happen to you or to persons close to you. Isn’t it? But in a day, within 24 hours, billions of things happen with billions of people around the globe. Do you know about them? If in a day, you have bought a new car, may be that day, someone might have lost their loved ones. Are you concerned about them? No. Right? But still those events did happen without your knowledge. You like it or not but a billion things happen in a minute without your knowledge. It’s only that you know that event that happen to you or to people you know. Those events happen. But you’re not concerned. And you needn’t be.ny-times_square_people-july_2012_00501

In this world a lot of such events, such signals roam around. We all tune in to some particular frequency. And that’s why we all receive different frequencies. Everyone’s life is different. Some tune in to optimism mode. Those are the guys who only receive signals that are productive. Meaning to say, they only respond to events that are productive to them. And discard other non-productive events. Yet, some people tune in to negative mode. These are the guys who always lament. They can’t see positivity behind anything.  In reality; both good and bad, positive and negative, productive and worthless keep happening. Sometimes with you. Sometimes with others. But it’s up to you to which frequency you tune your receiver. And it’s a matter of experience and inspiration that decide to which frequency you tune in to.

Though all goods and bads keep on happening, it’s nothing to worry about. Because as I told you, there’re billions of events that keep happening that you even don’t know. Then why can’t you ignore those negative events that happen with you? Can’t you tune in to a positive frequency? It may be little funny to consider yourself a radio and the events the stations. But isn’t that a powerful way of representing our relation with events of our life? Only when you respond, an event takes its form. You ignore it, it’s simply nothing.

Let’s say in your workplace, a colleague of yours mocked you for something or your boss is dissatisfied with you. Now if you give importance to that event, it keeps on dominating your mind and with time it’ll turn to a scare. May be with time, you feel yourself inferior to your colleagues and may be that your productivity goes down. Now, instead if you ignore those events, you can focus on other productive stuffs and may be that some other day those colleagues or your boss appreciate you. Everything depends upon your tuning capacity.

Sharing my personal experience, I had been suffering from bit of anxiety disorder since my childhood. It was not serious. But still, every time, I’m asked to do something new, I get anxious. That ‘What If’ ghost that I discussed in ‘Why can’t you take a joke on yourself?’ creeps in. One day our science teacher asked us for a lecture presentation in the class. He asked us to prepare a topic and we had to explain that to our classmates. As I just heard him saying that, it gave me a faster heartbeat. I mean I was dead. Still I decided to do that and prepared a lecture on ‘Gravitational Force.’ It was a page long. I had to memorize that and explain using blackboard to my classmates. I couldn’t carry that paper. I memorized and next day went for the class. Believe me from the very first class, I got so anxious that I couldn’t concentrate well.

Nervous man about to make a presentation.And then came the science class. My roll no was in the middle (alphabetical order J ). So I could relax for some time. As my name was approaching, that heart started throbbing faster. And man, then he called out my name – ‘Sandeep Misra’. I was dead in the water. Still with great hope and confidence I went to the teacher and started…In the middle of my lecture, I got so nervous that my hands started shivering holding the chalk pencil. And then, just in the middle, I stopped and said – ‘Thank you’ and went to my seat. It was a bad lecture. First I was not explaining it well and second I stopped in the middle. Now let me tell you the reality. In that class of some 40 students, I had studied astrophysics and cosmology books like no one else. I knew about gravitational force the best. I had even read some academic books on General Relativity. But just because, I was anxious I did terribly bad. That teacher knew me and later suggested me to work on my speaking skills.

But it had nothing to do with my speaking skills or my confidence actually.  It had to do with my capacity to tune in to positive signals. Even before the lecture presentation, I was so afraid. I had been thinking about all possible bad things that could have happened to me. If you also do that, you can never perform well. That character also made me average in math in the beginning.  Because I was afraid of making mistakes. I was picking all the wrong signals.

Though with time, I improved and today I can boast of my math to lot extent. I’ve not given any public speech yet, still I’m confident enough to do so. Things improved just because I started picking the right signals. In any sphere of life, it’s very important that you pick the right signal. Only then, you can be successful. There are criticism, discouragement, trolls, fear in this world. Everyone realize that. But for you to be audacious, you need to start discarding those signals and instead pick signals that are lifting your life for good.

So again, I’m asking you – ‘Are you picking the right signal?’

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