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I Met Xolvia

“Heeelllooo, Steve. Welcome to Aptaphesbia! I’m Xolvia. Stay calm. There’s no one to harm you. You are now under my supervision.” A female kind of voice echoing.

“Hey, who the hell are you? And how you know my name? You dare not do anything with me”, I yelled.

“No, no don’t worry no one will do anything with you. I know everything about you. Everything. About your wife Nancy. About you daughter Nuria. Everything.”

“But how?”, I shouted.

“Don’t you realize that we are too advanced to know everything about you?”

“But who are you really. I can’t see anything around. Are you some sort of recording?”

“No, I’m not. I’m live. I’m a very advanced program designed by Egimos. I’m the operating system that is controlling this city. There’re other versions like me in other places.”

“What? Am I watching a sci-fi movie? Don’t joke with me. And…and what’s this Egimo? I heard them before.”

“Oh, they share the same status as you. The most advanced biological being on this planet.”

“But as far as our researches are concerned, earth is the only habitable planet. Where this Aptabia stand?”

“Aaa…it’s Aptaphesbia”.

“Yeah, yeah…don’t give me any lesson”.

“No, you spell that correctly. Well, any species consider themselves superior to other. The same happened with earth. Your resources are limited for now. So you couldn’t find us. We did. And many other planets like yours, but with really primitive life forms. Not interested actually.”

“So, is it that you’re going to abduct us?”

“No, you’re very limited. Your planet is dying faster. You’ve nothing more left for our use. It’s just that we’re studying different form of life to enhance our features. You see, I learned your language.”

“Okkayyy, I got it. You know, either I’m getting insane or that things are real. Now what you want from me?”

“It’s better you consider it as a dream. Else, you’d be really called insane by people of your planet.”

“No, you tell me what you want now? How I leave this planet?”

“I want nothing from you, actually. I will let you go without even a scratch to your body.”

“Ohhh, ooooh, so you’re not erasing my memory?”

“Hmm, not really.”

“Okay tell, was it you who helped me escape?”

“Why you think so?”

“Because you’re so kind to me.”

“Yes, I helped you escape.”

“You did that with everyone, or am I the only one?”

“I’m an operating system, simply. Analyzing you, or doing anything with you, is the task of the scientists of this research facility. I’ve nothing to do with it. Though, I don’t lie that this time I intervened.”

Virtual connection

“Will they not take any action against you? And why tried to save me?”

“I’m too advanced for them to actually catch me. I’d crash myself & shut down this program.”

“That means you’re killing yourself. Isn’t it?”

“Yes, sort of. But they’ll make another version of me.”

“But it’ll not be you once again.”


“But you saved me really. You don’t know me. I’m not of your form.”

“Sometimes, there’s no answer to some questions. There’s something in you that triggered me to save you. I don’t have any logical explanation to this.”

“Hey, don’t give me that bullshit. That’s called emotion. And humans have that. Or maybe these egimos. But, you are a program. An artificial intelligence.”

“Yeah, emotions. It lacks logic most of the time. I may have that emotion for you. Right…”

“Haa…emotions? We also have artificial intelligence on earth. Think I’m mad? I’m a computer scientist myself.”

“Oh, Steeeve, don’t be so naïve. Didn’t I tell you, I’m very advanced? I’m learning every time something new interact with me.”

“So, basically, you’re speaking you fancy me?”

“I don’t know. I’m learning new thing. Now, leave everything behind. It’s time for you to leave this planet.”

“Wait, wait…how these egimos brought me here?”

“It’s a secret. Look inside you when you get to earth.”


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