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I’m Trapped!

“Cring-cring-cring.” A could hear some sounds. Felt like emergency alarm. I could feel that approaching. Doppler Effect, you know!! 😉 The room was turning brighter and the temperature was also rising. I had understood that they could spot me and some really bad may happen with me. I thought that either they may send me back with my memory erased or may kill me. In either way, I’m a dead man. There’s no point of fearing now since I’ve no option left. Thinking that, I said myself, “You son of a bitch, can’t you fight these handless morons. Let’s show them what we’re up to.” Exclaiming that, I started running towards what I suspected to be the main exit. I started running as if it was a marathon. This time, there were drones of all sorts. Most advanced. Laser beams all over. I think now they want me dead or alive. For them, I’m a virus in their system. And no matter what, they want me out of the system. I ran faster. Much faster. Though I had been non-athletic all through my life. But it’s always said that when adrenaline comes to action even a snail can act like a panther. They were monitoring me & there were voices all over in a language that was critically hard to understand. It’s like emergency situation on earth. A very bright light beam was following my movements. And I could see the exit slit started closing. And thought, if miracle doesn’t happen, I’d not be able to come out of that exit.

artificial-intelligenceAll of a sudden, I felt something like spider-web around me. I immediately suspected it as a trap. It was a net. Not like the usual one in our earth. I thought it was also a hologram, a computer program of some sort, that was wrapping me around. My movements started ceasing. I could no longer keep running. And the bright beam over me became brighter. I was no longer in the position to see anything. It felt like some sort of anesthetic. I was feeling dizzy. As I’m just about to fall off and sleep. And then, out of nothing, a very sharp laser beam kind of stuff interacted with that trap. It didn’t come to my contact, though. I was puzzled. And skeeaak!! That trap got removed and I could now move. I was almost clueless, what was actually causing all these. I mean, how there can be bug in such an advanced system. That’s almost senseless & especially when I’m trapped. There might be someone among them who want me to not get caught. Ahh! Conspiracy! The door also malfunctioned at the same time. Without leaving any chance, I ran towards it. This time I had to pass through it.

saejrjfeitvcptshahhiYeeaaahhh! And I came out of it. And started running. That building was actually a part of the research facility. Outside, it was a beautiful city. Looking little bit like our earth. But not exactly our earth. There is something that’s different apart from the fact that it is a very advanced civilization. As I took my first step, I slipped & fell down. I tried to stand up & once again, I fell down. Again, again and again. Oh shit! Man, I’m floating here. The streets are made up of some kind of superconductor type of material. My shoes were not made up of some magnetic material. I had practiced skating, though failed many time. So I tried to move over. It felt like I’m in air. And I was in air, practically. I tried to enhance my movements. And started moving around. I could see habitants floating around. They don’t have usual vehicles that we posses. I could spot many of them changing their shapes to some extent. Not like turning themselves into some cars, or a football. They can basically change some of their basic features like limbs. Things like that. It was just that I was looking around, enjoying the scenario & all of a sudden I could feel a pull in my legs. It was as if something is pulling me hard & aah!! I got hit by something in my head. And finally, everything was dark. I got unconscious!

©Sandeep Deva Misra. 2016. All the images in the post are taken from internet.