One fine evening, when I was with two of my best friends from school in a local restaurant, all our childhood activities flashed across my mind. All those days of childhood fun, aspirations, dreams…to name a few. I was actually meeting them after 2 long years. So the moment added to bit of nostalgia. But I don’t wanna talk about my childhood or what we were discussing that day. I want to talk something serious.

0103slave01421202In the table, 3 of us were 18+ something. Just on the verge to start off with our career. Since our childhood, we have been weaving the threads of aspirations of our future. And not only we three, almost every well to do guy of our age, are doing the same. Everyone has something in his mind. Some thinks for big. Some for small. But everyone has some sort of aspirations. With this, they would enter colleges. In a matter of years – many of them would join jobs, some of them would go for higher education, and yet, a few of them would start their own business. For few years, everything goes on well. But with time things change a lot. Many of them would lose that zeal. They would soon become slave of their own professions – just doing everything to feed their needs. And like that they reach their 30s. At that point, many of them would start off with their own family. Now the needs increase – needs of their children, needs of their spouse. Day in and day out, they are doing things without asking themselves whether they love them or not. Just those needs made them slaves. Things go on and on and with time, people grow older fulfilling their own needs and that of their family. Just because some materialistic needs are met by them, many of them would be satisfied with their lives. And then comes the end. Life is over.

Now if you ask me honestly whether I want such a life or not, with honesty I’d answer – ‘NO’. And every one of us, who are reaching their 20s in a few years, should answer a no. Well let me be little clearer here. I’m not saying that it’s not good to have a family or fulfilling our needs or doing works. I’m telling something else that is very important for you to listen. Just because you are focusing only on your needs and not listening to your heart, you are becoming more of a slave to yourself and the world. And what does a slave do? He only listens to his masters and can’t do things on his own. Yes, you’re that slave. stock-vector-wow-comic-speech-face-cartoon-343305758Just because you have a luxury car, a big apartment, a rolex watch, don’t mean that you’re a master. Because many a times you are not listening to your inner soul. You’re not listening to what you really want to do. Instead, you’re focusing on fulfilling your needs. I
agree you’re successful doing that. But what about that ‘WOW’ moment that you never get to feel inside when you’re doing your job?? Your work becomes more of a duty. And we are not meant to do duties for our entire life.

The best thing is that we are just gonna touch that 20. For a person above 40, there’re hopes. But for a person of our age or one who is in his 20s, there’s a lot of hope. And this is the age when you can rock like no one. Most importantly because –

  • you’re matured enough
  • you don’t have many responsibilities
  • you’re energized like no one
  • you have nothing to lose.

This is the time you can live life to your heart’s content and change your life for good. Reflecting back to our childhood days, we had nothing to worry about and nothing to lose. We were just kids with full of aspirations. And as we grew up, we were taught that we’re meant to make a successful career and what’s a successful career these days? Professions which are trending, which everyone is doing, and which are expected to be highly paying. And putting that into our mind, we start off with our journey. And in our 60s, when a successful engineer is asked what he was passionate about as a child, he answers – ‘writing’. When a successful lawyer is asked, he answers – ‘flying airplanes’. When a successful banker is asked, he answers – ‘painting’. They loved something. But married something else.

I’m not mocking any of the professions. What I’m telling is that just because the people around you think of some professions as highly rewarding, doesn’t mean you should also do that. Because in the end, only you’ll regret. And yes, many don’t show that they’re regretting. Though at some point, they feel like that.

Being over cautious about things, being reluctant to take risks result to a life that never amounts to much. By ‘much’ I didn’t mean to wealth or fame. Being successful never means being wealthy or famous, it’s about being the best in whatever you’re doing. It’s about doing something that you adore. Think of your profession as your children – you love them, you adore them. But you don’t expect much from them. You just want to give them. Likewise, don’t expect your profession to feed you, instead, make it something for which you are living your life. By this, you always lift your life to a higher level.

take-risksBelieve me or not, but your 20s matter a lot. This is that age, when you can take risks like no one. This is that age, when you can act insanely. This is really very precious. Live it like a 5 year old kid. Do whatever you want to do, what suits you best. You can’t choose a profession, a profession chooses you. And a profession is synonymous to passion. By little closer inspection, you can easily find your passion. And do that insanely. Don’t think what would happen later. No one has seen the future. Act in the present. May be that you go bankrupt, may be that you end of with nothing much, but

  • you will have satisfaction
  • you will develop the gut to face more failures
  • you become adaptable to start yet another risky venture

And yes, starting with a stable career only let you to stay at that level for some 30 years. But with an unstable & risky career, you can reach any level at any point of them. Even if you lose, you still succeed.

May be that the world think you to be insane, may be that your family doesn’t believe in you, may be that your friends think of you as a looser, but believe me if you take a riskier venture, in the end, you only come out as a success since you live a life the way you wanted to. We have our entire life to take risks; yet, you can’t take risks better than in your 20s. So don’t waste this time, doing things that are never meant for you. Instead, just –

  • act insanely
  • take more risks
  • start off with again something else
  • care about nothing

And always search for that ‘WOW’ moment. If you’re getting that, everything is fine. Else you need to think again.

Your 20s matter. Mind it!

©Sandeep Deva Misra. 2016. All the images in the post are taken from internet. 

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