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In their Research Facility

It was the research facility. I was in the corridor. There were robots of different shapes, sizes, & forms all around. There were machines of all kind. It was, in a word – a sci-fi world. The corridor was so long, that I couldn’t see the other end of it. I walked forward, with enthusiasm & anxiety in my heart. On both my sides, I could see labs. But till that time, I didn’t see anyone appearing like human or any biological being. And all of a sudden, I could see someone walking out of one of the labs. I leaned forward to see who that was. I was shocked by what I saw. Yeah, yeah…I was somewhere else. That was an alien-647535alien!! It was a dwarf guy with a bulging skull. The skull was much larger comparably. All over his head, he had tiny round patches appearing to be bit of his eyes. They were blue with white dot in the middle. And those were moving around. He had no nose, ears or mouth. His body was incredibly small; appearing as his abdominal cavity, heart, lungs were wrapped in a thin long tubular structure. I couldn’t see any hands at that time. He had short limbs. Then all of a sudden, to my surprise, just before my eyes, his bulging head shrank & entered inside that tubular structure. His limbs also shrank & did the same. And now, I could see just only a long tube. And within a second, that also shrank to a small round structure appearing to be a ping-pong ball. From that, popped out 2 wings & started flapping. And that stuff flew away.

I can’t tell you how I was feeling at that time. I got so much of shocked that there was no doubt, at any moment of time; I could get a heart attack! My heart was beating like a drum in parade ceremony. I was unable to breathe comfortably. I was sweating. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was totally confused. Can something like that happen? Can I get myself rolled up in a small ball like structure? It was out of my wildest imagination.

Thinking for some 5 minutes, I decided to move ahead. I started walking & eventually, I got to the end of that long corridor. There were 2 ways. From one of them, I heard voices of a group of such guys. I leaned forward a bit, and again I got a shock, though smaller this time. This time too, I guess those were of the same species as the dwarf one. But with some exceptions. Those were taller. They were appearing mostly as humans. But more handsome than most of them. Though they were appearing to be exact copy of us, anyone can tell that they were not real humans. First of all, no one had hands. Some of them were holding some pieces of paper, I guess, but in air. The size of their abdominal cavity & chest were comparably small.

quarkie_004“gaal kasuy jio vrailak tha nju xiome frootalko”, one of them was explaining to other. I couldn’t understand what the hell he was spitting. I went few steps further. I could see a large transparent sheet in his hand. And from the back side, I could spot some faded images. Alas! Those were human figures. And one of them is appearing like me. I can’t tell for sure though. They stopped for few seconds before entering a room. I tried to inspect the sheet sharply. There was the picture of a blue ball with some green patches around. And yeah!! That was earth. Few of those human faces marked yellow dot and some black. I couldn’t tell what those signs signify. Though, I suspected that they are trying to send back those humans who came there by mistake as that small bot was explaining me. One of them appearing as Mr. Senior (J) put his head into a system. A stem like structure sprouted out of his head and interacted with the system. And whoosh!! The door opened. All of them entered the room. I tried to give a look inside it. But spotted a close-circuit camera type of stuff in the vicinity of that room. I thought it’s better to come out of it. Or else, they’ll spot me. Or maybe they had already spotted me. By that time, I realized that they were not assassins. Though, I afraid they’d erase my memory which I never want.


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