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The Fight 

I immediately punched that football by my wedding ring!! That welcoming hand folded back. And a pair of defensive arm unfolded. I rushed. As fast as I could. And pulled out something appearing to be hard metallic stuff from a machine. The electric shock threw me far. I was hurt at my back, but still nothing serious happened. That bot was following me. I hit that hard with that metallic stuff. And ran off. Immediately security alarm started beeping. May be because I removed that component from that machine, all the other machines started to malfunction. Also those machines were intelligent. So they responded quickly on their own. That bot was lying broken on the floor. I thought that it might be damaged. But within a few seconds, it started leaking an anesthetic gas that was sure to make me senseless. I removed my shirt & tied it around my nose & ran off. Surely I was looking funny. But that was the only thing that I could have done. That lab was too large. So I had to run much faster. The gas was spreading everywhere. The floor was collapsing. Within 1-2 minutes, armed security robots started entering the lab. They entered in an amazing way. Through the thick gaseous cloud, I could see some small bubble like stuff entering. Cloud was dark grey & those bubble like stuffs were grey. So it was very hard for me to clearly see them. They were approaching faster, projecting light green beams of light, which were sweeping the place. At once, I knew that they were looking for me. Then all of a sudden, just in the air; defensive arms, limbs, the body, the head popped out of them. I was surprised. Also they might be angry!!

As I had tied my shirt around my face, I was looking bit different. For a human or intelligence machines of similar pattern recognizing ability might have figured me. But for those robots, it was harder. The floor was quite slippery. So I removed my shoes, hoping that I’d look more different, & wear them on my hands. I put my arms forward & started running. Those robots were everywhere. I knew that if they catch me, even if they don’t kill me, at least, they’d erase my memory & send me back. Which I never ever wanted. I wanted to know the truth. Where I was, where I was leading to.

The gas was too thick. So for even those robots too, finding me was hard. Moreover, I was in a crazy outfit. But I started feeling dizzy. Well, now I regret. I shouldn’t have wear on those shoes on my hand. At least, if my hands were free I could have hold my nose tight. But that didn’t get worthless. One bot, which was still in bubble form, started roaming around me. It might have located me. Before it can communicate with other bots, I threw one of my shoes forcefully. The bot shattered into pieces. But I was quite late. I should have remembered that they communicate with light speed. Within few moments, more bots started buzzing around me. I knew that that time, they’d not leave me. And if they pop out into those armed bots, I’d not be able to do anything. I just ran faster. All the exit points were closed. There was no way through which I could have make to outside.

But I had to. Then immediately it came to me that the floor was collapsing. Without thinking of anything else, I jumped high & broke through the floor. I think I travelled down more than 50 meter. I could see many such labs as I was travelling down. Even those strange places. But though I was breaking through those floors, I felt nothing. Simply nothing. I didn’t feel slightest of ache. No pain no stain. It was much later that I discovered eventually that those labs were nothing but holographic simulations. And so advanced that even you can touch & feel them & stand on them. And those strange places were also just holograms. But because I broke a component from one of those machines, they started malfunctioning & all those holographs were turning off & thus, it appeared that floors were collapsing. But in reality, there was no floor at all.

I was traveling down the air & was not sure where I would fall. It was certain that if I hit a ground, I would have all my bones cracked! But out of nothing, something appearing like a spongy transparent sheet popped out. Even as I was falling down much faster, I could estimate that the sheet was of the size of a normal human. I hit that (soft)!  After 4-5 bounces, it rapidly wrapped me. For a moment, I thought of it as a trap. But after all of a sudden, again out of nothing, something appearing as thin slabs popped out, arranging themselves as stairs, leading to the exit. That sheet wrapped around me forming a suit in my shape & took me to those stairs. And then unwrapped & disappeared. I was on one of those slabs & everywhere I could see, there was dark empty space. I was little bit of frightened. If I put my feet elsewhere I could fall off. At the same time, it was getting adventurous.

I put a step forward towards the next slab. It went down a bit. I was getting anxious. One of my feet was on this slab & another was on that. I took my foot off that slab & slowly put it on this one. That slab went up. Now my feet were on this slab. It went down further in air. I took my first step successfully. At that moment, I was sure that it’s safe to walk through those slabs. Slowly but confidently, I walked through those slabs. Even if I slip off a bit, those slabs automatically rearrange themselves matching my steps. By that time, I knew that I was not on earth. Because I knew that on earth no one has built things like that. They were much advanced.

I eventually got to the exit point. Again, out of nothing, the door opened up. For a moment, the bright light blocked my eyes. I was kind of getting nervous. But with confidence, I put forward my feet & entered a world I was totally amazed to see.

To be continued…

(c) Sandeep Deva Misra. 2016