Just this morning, while searching for some motivational-kind of stuff, I found these screenshots in Quora. Someone posted it there.

You know WhatsApp. In just couple of years, it has become more of a verb, just as Google earned the same status few yrs back. But to my amazement, Brian Acton, it’s co-founder met with two major setback in his professional career. First, he applied for Facebook, and was rejected. Second, he applied for Twitter, and he was rejected. Despite, the way he responded to these situations in his tweets, is simply awesome. Have a look at these screenshots:


The scenerio, after that, is what we are experiencing every time we text someone. What I just want to say is simple — Life has lot many setbacks, failures, discouragement. Many a time, others would put you done. A point would come, when you’d doubt your capabilities. Everyone face that. But if you’re brave enough to say – ‘Hey, you come and break me down. For every time, you do so, I become stronger & sooner or later, would become invincible ‘ ; you start stealing the show.

I got these screenshots from a guy who posted in Quora. Since, these are Brian’s twitter screenshots which can be obtained from his official twitter account, I hope there would not be any copyright issue. However, the texts are mine. Not copied from elsewhere.