Before you continue, just a gentle remainder that you should read the 1st part in case you’ve not:

Part II – In That Hell

I kept on walking as far as I could. I kept on screaming. But there was no one to respond. After walking for another 2-3 hours, I sat down thinking what was going on. I thought from every possible way I could. I just kept on thinking. I was also feeling hungry. My lips got dried. But there was nothing to eat, nothing to drink. Remembering the words of my childhood teacher – “Keep on running until you achieve it” – I woke up, filled with hope & courage. I decided to explore the place as far as I could no matter what. One step, two step, three…& so on. And then those steps got faster. I started running. As fast, as far, as I could. I decided not to give up. I ran, stopped & ran again. At some point, I wept, I screamed. But I just didn’t give up. My body was totally tired. My mind was filled with nothing but dilemma. I couldn’t decide what to do. I couldn’t understand what was going on with me. Where my family was. In disgust, I had almost decided to give up, to kill myself. And then all of a sudden, that bright white world turned darker. Before I could think of something, that entire place became dark. It was as lights were turned off. In that darkness, I couldn’t figure anything. My heart started throbbing faster. I couldn’t think what was going on. And then, I heard some voices, as if someone was muttering. I tried to listen from where the sound was coming. But I couldn’t. Also the language was far from strange. It was just that I couldn’t understand. In my college, I had taken some linguistic courses. So I had decent sense of most language spoken around the world. But that language was much stranger. Also it immediately came to me that if I couldn’t hear my own voice, then how was I hearing those voices.

The voices started getting louder. I could also figure out from where it was coming. I started chasing. And then all of a sudden, an opening appeared just above my head. I thought of it as a hologram or things like that. But when I tried to touch it, I found it real. I jumped & climbed up. The bright lights blocked my eyes for a second. And then, I was astounded by what I saw. It was looking like I’m in future, in a sci-fi lab, which we get to see in movies. I couldn’t believe in what I was seeing. Every place, my eyes go, I got to see nothing but computers & machines. That room was as large as a football stadium. It was full of highly sophisticated machines. Lights beeping in each of them. In excitement, I screamed. That time, I could hear my voice echoed off the walls. I was filled with hope. But still, I couldn’t understand how I got to that place. And how I got to that strange place where there was nothing. And whose voices were those. I was confused, but I was feeling better because I got to see at least something out there.

I was just roaming around that place, and then out of nothing, a ping-pong ball sized bot appeared in front of me. I got little bit of frightened to see that at once. But then, I relieved. A transparent blue beam of light was projected & that bot rotated above my head as if it was scanning what was inside! And a computerized voice came out saying – ‘Welcome to Non-Egimo NeuroResearch Facility #4M. Member of Homo sapiens. Located on Earth. Language – English. Handing you over to our assistant TY1.7x.’ I was pretty much confused by what that little stuff was talking about. Yeah definitely as it was a robot, it can distinguish me as a human & that I speak English. But I couldn’t understand why it said that I was in earth & what was that ‘Egimo’ stuff. Was I in some different planet? I laughed out. And then, a sudden fear prevailed. Was I really on earth or elsewhere? And as far as I knew, we didn’t have such smart bots out there which scan your skull & tells about you. I was just thinking…& then, another bot approached me, which was appearing to be that assistant TY1…whatever! But this time, it was the size of a football. It wobbled. And a shiny rod shaped stuff came out of its right side. From the front part of that rod, something unfolded appearing to be palm. And from that, few finger-like projections came out. It resembled a human-hand. It approached making a handshake gesture. I was little bit of frightened. But in response, I also approached my hand. Then it said hello to me. It was a female voice.

She spoke out – “I’m assistant TY1.7x. We detect you to be a human. You’re from habitat #27.3, i.e. Earth located in Milky Way galaxy. We found you to speak English. So I’d communicate you with this language. Sir, am I right about this details?” I was shocked by what that football-sized machine telling me. Was it a prank on me? I remained silent for a minute. She repeated – “Sir am I right? Or you’re having a speaking disability?”

“No no. I meant yes, you’re correct about me. But I don’t have any speaking disability. Am alright, alright. Aaa…Can I ask you a question?”

“Sir, I’m not programmed to respond to your questions.”

“Hey, hey what the hell was that? You know everything about me, and I can’t ask you even a question?”

“Sir, this is not hell. This is Aptaphesbia.”

“Haa? Aptapha…? What?”

“I’m not programmed to make any response to you. 60 second is left for you to be here. You’re here by accident. Accept our apology. Please stay calm. I’m going to erase this portion of your memory. Do cooperate with us. You’ll be back to Earth in few seconds. Thank you.”

“What? Erasing my memory?? No no.”


(c)Sandeep Deva Misra.2016.