It’s a science fiction story I had written 2 years back. Due to some reasons, I couldn’t post it. Here’s it in 7 parts. Hope you’d enjoy. Expecting some feedback. 

Part I: That Night

A bright beam of sunlight (probably) struck my pale eyelids. For a moment, I thought, it’s morning. But as I opened my eyes, that bright beam glared my vision. I was unable to see anything out there. It was as light was there, but still everything was dark. The beam was so powerful that it made me feel uncomfortable & dizzy. I managed to walk ahead, one step at a time. I couldn’t understand what was happening out there. And then, gradually the beam started getting dimmer. It was a relief for a while. As I moved ahead & the beam went weaker, I could see something. But…then all of a sudden I realized that there was nothing. Everywhere I could see, there was nothing. Everything was as white as milk. It felt like everything was white-washed. Just for a moment, I thought that I’m in a film set. One of my friends works in the film industry. So I thought he was doing a prank on me & put me in the set to give me a new year surprise. I screamed. There was nothing even to reflect my voice. It was a partial vacuum. I ran as fast as I could. Kept on screaming like a wild beast. But still, there was nothing. There was no one. It was so calm that it started killing me from deep within.


Hello! I’m Steve. I’m a computer programmer. And sometimes an ethical hacker! I worked in a software company. My job is to test new software & approve them for further processes. The day before that incident, I was in a new year eve party with friends & family. I returned home with my wife & 5 year old daughter late night. I was so tired that night that without thinking of anything else, I got laid in my bed & went for sleep. And then, I woke up in a strange world where there was nothing. As far as I could see, there was nothing, not even a dot. The floor (or whatever that was) on which I was walking on, was white. I looked above. That was also white. I looked forward, backward, left, right…and everything, every bit of thing, was white.


(c)Sandeep Deva Misra. 2016.