Aaa…it’s nice to see you all again. Well, I had written my last post almost 7 months ago. And it’s been a long time I’ve not written anything new. Well, I had been little bit of busy to think & write (though I’m still busy lying ideally!)!! So, welcome me back! :p

Hmmm…today I’m here to discuss something that most of you might have already read or just know it from your general intuition & you might think that I’ve copied it from elsewhere or am inspired directly. But nothing is copied or is inspired from somewhere else. I’m just sharing what I’ve experienced. And I think it’s worth sharing. 

In the summer of this year, while searching through the shelves of our school library, I discovered a book. It reads on the side of the cover – The Monk who sold his Ferrari, Robin Sharma. Though I had been seeing that book there, I never bothered to take it out & open. I just used to ignore it among others. But that day, I don’t know why, I felt something to pick that up. I opened & read in the back cover about the author & the book. I just loved it. Immediately, I borrowed it & started reading although I didn’t read it completely. Just few chapters…I just felt to look up about the author in Google as I do with other people I newly discover. I read about him in Wikipedia & went through his website. I discovered that he’s a lawyer-turned author & a motivational speaker. I just read more & found it very appealing. I opened Flipkart & searched his books & my eyes went to The Leader Who Had No Title. Another masterpiece by him! I simply loved the title & synopsis. I placed an order on July & started reading the book. He wrote about many eye-opening ways to change our life & live full to our potential. It gives you a different lens to see the world. I really liked LWT or Lead Without a Title principle; which means you should lead & give your best in whatever position you are, no matter of your title. I started following his facebook page & daily, dozens of inspiring thoughts started coming to my newsfeed. Inspired by that, I started discovering other motivational authors like Brian Tracy, Stephen Covey, Shiv Khera, & Rhonda Byrne, & started following them. Eventually, I came to a conclusion that is far more inspiring – ‘it’s all about how you see things’. And I’m just about to share my experience with this new change.

Well, I’m a person who loves thinking bit differently. I try to find the meaning of what’s out there. I think. And I search. It’s a bit of my hobby to search about people I admire. Now, Larry & Sergey have given us Google. So it’s really easy to dig out about people. I also try to connect their passions with what they are today. So from all these, one thing I’ve noticed – success is not that hard to get. If you are passionate about something & if you work hard for your passion without fear of failure, you succeed. Of course, you also need teeny-weeny amount of luck. But it’s almost certain that if you change few things in your life, you get a good life to start with. And something that’s far more satisfying. So your life & lives of great people are not that different. Their lives are different because they thought & did things little differently & saw the life from a different perspective. Otherwise, they’re all like common people. I realized that earlier.

But that incident of summer changed my track a good bit. Though I earlier realized these things, I never took them that seriously in life. But as I progressed reading that book, watching videos & reading blogposts of Robin Sharma, facebook posts of Robin Sharma & Brian Tracy; I came to a conclusion – yeah, I can change my life. I just need to wear a pair of new lens. I need to change the old one. I just need to think from a different perspective. I gained something immense. Now, honestly I’m not appearing to be a motivational coach. I’m just expressing what change you can feel in yourself by seeing the life from a different perspective. I admit there are a lot of things that seem rather idealistic. Like, being positive in every aspect. But there is a point. Even if it seems to be quite crazy, if you think about every sort of positive things in your bad hours, you get the courage to face it. Even though things are not going on well, you get an inspiration to turn it good.

I think most of you’ve watched the blockbuster movie – 3 idiots. In that movie, there’s a principle – say All IS WELL when things are not going on well. For most people, it’d be quite a crazy filmy dialogue; but if you really give a deep thought to that, you’d find that that is something which can lead you to a fearless life – without anxiety, without fear to fail. Yes, just by saying yourself mentally, or both mentally & verbally that things are all right, you can fool your brain a bit & program it to behave like nothing fearful has happened or is about to happen. Yeah surely, you need practice. It’d not happen in a single day. But with practice you’d develop a habit to not fear failure. This also appears to be idealistic. Seems like impractical things. But with practice, you get a paradigm shift.

Motivational or self-help book are lauded with many tactics & ways to change your life. You can even get many such quotes in a single google search. There’re plenty of them. There’re also videos in youtube. Even you can have personal coaching sessions with these motivational coaches. But the problem is not with these things. There’re just many of them available. The problem is with the implementation of these ideas. People most often fear to initiate changes in life. They fear taking risks. That’s why most people get a stable, but really mediocre & unsuccessful life. Most people even live others lives, by not living their passions. Any motivational book or any motivational speaker (even I) would say to live with your passion, to be positive, to not fear failure, to aim high. But for many, these things often seem idealistic or impractical. Many people create their own versions to say against these things. They say that these are only good to say, but are not practical for life. They are not to blame. It’s just that they fear the changes in life.

Though I also use to think along the same line (that you can change your life), even till date, I’ve not adopted all these things in my life. It takes time. But I’m trying & adopting, one at a time.

My first experiment was with – Thinking positively. It’s a very simple, yet most difficult to adopt principle. Negativity is something that always lurks in our life. Something that happens to be a basis of our thinking. But still, with practice & time, we can overcome that too. And believe it or not, positivity has much to offer than negativity. Now, being honest with you, I confess that I’m also not able to completely adopt positive thinking. Sometimes negative feelings come in. But I progressed much. I started taking things positively as much as I could. Definitely, a lot of changes came to me, to my perspective. Although it takes time & it’s still in progress.

The second thing I always wanted to change in me is – to stop fearing failures. Though I love thinking new, taking risks, I fear to fail to some extent. I generally don’t take things that seriously. But still I sometimes fear to do something very different. But in that sphere too, I’m trying. And I’m sure I’d succeed. But as I told you guys, you need to be very patient. You need to give time to yourself.

Well, it’s really very important to realize in life that we all are born successful, genius, lucky or whatever you call it. We need to realize that we all are special & have enough potential to change our life. Now, here I don’t want to give you any false hope. I’m also practical. I’m not saying that everyone would be in spotlight, everyone would be billionaire, everyone would be extra smart. There’re people who are born with many disadvantages. Even there later lives don’t turn to be that good. But the reason they don’t get to live a good life is that they always believe that they are doomed to failure & bad luck. But in life, there’re always opportunities. Even if you can’t afford a BMW, you can at least afford that much that satisfy your basic needs. That you can live a descent life & give a secure future to your children. There’re people who sometimes get complete turnover in their life. But there’s no such need for everyone to get that fate. A good, normal life is also enough. But still, higher dreams always uplift people believe it or not. The more we aim, the more we put effort in the right direction, the more we get. Definitely your efforts must be on the right direction. Then you definitely get good opportunities. Believing in yourself is very important.

I remember a story of a lady from my class 5 Hindi textbook. She has physical disadvantages, so she couldn’t use her hands. But amidst hardship, she found her way & started doing embroidery using her legs. At that time, we just took that as a story in a textbook. But today, I realize how inspiring that was. Though she had nothing more to do, she realized the opportunities & tried to do something rather than nothing. And that really made her life special. So if you go on to keep believing that you can’t, then you can’t. Life can’t be better & it’ll never be. But if you believe in yourself & without caring about the results, give your best to uplift your life; you can make it better. There’s no one to stop you.

Well, some people believe that success is for some lucky guys. It’s not for everyone. They believe that best in people come by birth. But that’s not the truth. It’s just our excuse & nothing more. We all can be the best in whatever we do. For that we needn’t be lucky. But for that, we need to change our perspective. We need to follow things that are good for us. We need to look at the sacrifices of successful people. We just get to see their luck, not their sacrifices & efforts. They had also given up the habits that were spoiling their lives & started adopting habits that can create their lives though they were hard to adopt. By just changing their lens, they started to see the world differently. And started doing different.

Many motivational speakers have many things to say. But there’s no shortcut to success. Even if their tactics can be summarized in a few sentences, they are hard to follow. It requires perseverance. But if you’re patient enough, you can make a change. My experience with this new way of seeing the world is quite enlightening. But it’s even much hard for me to follow. I’m also not comfortable with many of them. But we sometimes need to take tough decisions to change our life. We need to…

Well I don’t want to bore you guys much. I’ve already gone too long. But the point I want to make is that your golden future is not that far from you. You just need to change a very few things. It’s just like a secret that’s been always around us, but still we couldn’t figure out. Most people blame their bad luck for their failure. But if we look deep inside our lives, we’d find much more things that are lacking in our lives. Much more things that we are doing wrong & those are the things that invite failure. But if we just change even a very few things, we can change the track. The changes are small, but hard to follow. But if we follow, our lives wouldn’t be as before. Being honest with you, I’ve not read these things elsewhere. I’m not uttering what others say. But I’m telling what I’ve experienced. Even I’m encouraging you all, to think from your own point of view. There’s no need to follow me. Think what’s good for you. But always remember, IT’S ALL ABOUT HOW YOU SEE THINGS.

© Sandeep Deva Misra. 2011-13