Is earth no longer our home? Have we reached the environmental point of no return? Are we heading toward event horizon or have we already reached it?

Some of the recent studies about global warming & environment raised these questions. Two recent articles – Apocalypse Soon: Has Civilization Passed the Environmental Point of No Return, and Is Earth Nearing an Environmental “Tipping Point”  in Scientific American point toward the fact that Earth is no longer a safe place. Environment is going to be unstable soon, & we’re heading toward 6th great extinction in earth’s history. Overall, within the coming decades the earth is going to be extremely unhealthy, affected by C02 cancer & this time giving earth a cancer therapy will not work at all! We’ve entered the environmental point of no return. Now, we can live for some more decades, or hardly 1-2 centuries. So, from now onwards we’ve to plan for our future. We’ll have to workout where to focus on for a better survival, both on Earth & beyond.

In this discussion, I’ll not discuss anything on why earth is going to be a worse home, or why it’s unsafe to live here. But I’ll discuss on where (fields) to focus on for a better survival, or simply for survival. The rest is in the above mentioned articles & in some of the articles in my blog.

I’ve figured out top 15 fields or sectors to focus on for a better future. A significant percents of our economy have to be put on these. We’ve very little time to live on earth. So focusing on these 15 fields will help us live (comfortably) on earth for these years. After that, we’ll have to move out to space. In establishing a settlement in space too, these fields will be of great significance. Focusing or investing on the following 15 areas will help us continue our civilization if everything goes well & luck favors.

So, here we go…

(Note that the following fields listed below are random, they’re not in sequence. They are NOT copied from elsewhere. If these 15 fields are exactly found listed anywhere else for the same purpose, this will be due to co-incidence or information piracy).


It’s the field where focus must be the most. Though this list is random, education is listed first, as it’s the field which will make the following fields actually possible. We’ll have to give special attention or focus to educational sector. We’ll have to modify the teaching pattern so that students need to study less, & learn more. It must be made available for everyone around the world. For that to happen, governments must take special initiatives. There’re still parts of world where education is not accessible. The help of Internet have to be taken to make education possible worldwide. The novel approaches to make education accessible everywhere include MIT OCW, Khan Academy, Coursera, Udacity etc. And lots more are yet to come. These organizations are putting courses in the internet cent percent free & are easily accessible so that students of every corner of the world can get quality education.


Economics is the next most important field to primarily focus on. The reason I said it as most important field to primarily focus on is, economics works as mapping tool for all the fields. It’d help us to know where to put money, how much to put, what’ll happen when this much money is put here & there, which activities are creating economy, how the economy is flowing. Economics will give us a glimpse of money we’ve & how to put them in different fields efficiently & effectively. This will help us map the activities around the world which are contributing in production of wealth. The greatest importance of economics at the present is that it’ll guide us through where to put how much, & which activities are creating economy. Though researches on this field is going in a much faster rate worldwide to understand global economy, more researches are the must to meet future challenges. Today most of the problems we’re getting for developmental works are of economy. Due to shortage of money, in many countries, developments are hampered. In some places people are denied from basic requirements that a person needs for a standard living. So by creating more productions & consumptions (which would certainly happen if productions are there) we’d be able to create more wealth, & thus the developments. So it’s important for everyone to understand our economy for developments. In future, it’d play a crucial role as we need to understand where to put & how much to put.


As it’s said, if there’s no water there’s no life, it can also be said, if there’s no food there’s no life. Water & food are like petrol & diesel for living beings. They give energy to cells. So, it’s important to raise the production of food (we can’t create water artificially though till now), which is done through some handful of techniques whose collection is named agriculture. Agriculture is the study of cultivation of food & rearing animals. As world population is rising, the food per capita is decreasing. In various parts worldwide people are dying starving for food. To meet the demand of food, & to protect the food security, it’s important to raise the food production. Thus, a special focus must be given to agricultural sector. The food production has to be raised globally so that the global food demand can be meet. It’s a challenge, especially for undeveloped & developing nations to increase food production & maintain the food security. Natural disasters & population, both play an active role in increasing sharp demands of quality food. Hence, various techniques have to be employed to increase the global food production. Governments must also need to support many researches. And in many countries, especially in developing countries like India, it’s important to educate farmers. Many of the agricultural productions are not successful due to lack of education among farmers. They must have basic education & must be trained specially for all these works. And most of the farming activities in many countries are not going on well though it’s a primary activity in most of them, as there’s no entrepreneurship in the field. It must become like other businesses. We need companies who hire trained farmers, where farming activities go on in large scale. In countries like India, farmers practice farming as individuals, either for sustainability or commerciality. Moreover they’re both illiterate or have little education, & are poor from beginning. So how they can create quality productions? Thus companies should start farming as business & hire the farmers. By this, production would also increase & farmers could also live happy & developed lives. These companies can either be governmental & private. Quality researches & business can solve problem of agricultural production. And more & more investments in this field are must.


Is something possible without energy? Probably no. There’s nothing out there in the whole universe which is possible without energy. Energy is the ultimate engine. It can run anything. As we all are concerned about, petroleum & other fossil fuels have been depleting every year, & by 2015 it’s estimated that depletion rate will be higher. Consumers of petroleum are also rising year by year. Today, in almost all the cities, towns, & few villages of the world, we can see cars, bikes, & other motor vehicles roaming around. Today, almost everything runs on electricity only. So the consumption of electricity is considerably much higher. In several parts of the world, shortage of electricity can be seen. In developed, & some developing countries alternative sources of electricity are also supplying electricity. Though they don’t satisfy all the world electrical demands, they contribute significantly. Now, we need more alternative sources of energy that satisfy all the energy demands of the world. The sources of today’s energy, excluding fossil fuels, are the key to tomorrow’s energy. But we should have to conduct various researches to make them more effective. Not only this; today’s alternative sources of energy like solar, wind, water, are not in use everywhere. In many parts, they’re not used yet. Only developed & few developing nations have these sources. All over the world, many researches are carried out to discover other sources, & make the present sources more effective, & economical.America’s initiative toward alternative sources of energy can be seen in the establishment of Advanced Research Project Agency Energy (ARPA-E). ARPA-E has been conducting world class research in developing alternative sources of energy. Not only such organizations have been established in the world to carry out researches on energy sources, private companies are also selling products for these sources, like solar cells. They’ve been working toward making them more effective & commercial. Alta Devices, Semperius are the examples of such companies. Today world is rushing toward creating alternative sources, which are both effective & commercially available, within the reach of common people. There’s a huge need of energy. We’re depended only on fossil fuels (petroleum, natural gases, and coals). These are not only depleting in a fast rate, but are also harmful to nature, as they’re the only reasons behind global warming (as they emit carbon dioxide). Today, we must focus much more on energy sector to carry out world-class researches to develop more effective & greener sources of energy & make the present alternative sources more effective & commercially available. We should now focus more on solar energy, wind energy, bio-energy (algae), nuclear energy (fusion) to make them both effective & commercially available for everyone, from a common man to a rich person. Energy is going to be the next big field.

Space Exploration:

As discussed in my previous articles, space is going to be our home after earth become uninhabitable. Earth has been becoming uninhabitable day by day. Today, earth is full of carbon dioxide, & thus global warming. As discussed thoroughly in Is Diwali transforming from the festival of light & joy to the festival of pollution & destruction, global warming has been ruining the planet & it’ll show its effects in the coming years, or decades. Decade by decade, we’ll get more & more violent effects of global warming, making it harder to survive. These are not something which is going to happen, but all these have happened already, & are happening, & will continue to happen. Year by year, we are feeling hotter during summer, & colder during winter. We are also witnessing unpredictable & violent storms. Moving our eyes to Polar Regions, we can see that ice caps are melting every year, & sea level has been increasing gradually. So, after some more decades, or after mid-century, we’d be able to actually feel its consequences. Thus, earth is going to be unsuitable to live on after couples of decade, or hardly 1-2 centuries. Believe it or not, earth will no more be our home. Not only we’ve terrestrial threats, we’re also surrounded with space-based threats too, like threats from asteroid hits, or violent solar storms. Anyways, we’ll have to leave earth. Though, it’s actually not going to be easy, or some may discard it as impractical, we’ll have to move to other planets if we want to continue our species. So, our special focus must be on space exploration. The topmost priority should be on planetary science & astronautics. Planetary science would lead us to choose which planet is more habitable or suitable to live on, & astronautics would help us design advance spacecrafts that will lead us to planets & other places. Though we’re already very advanced on space exploration, we’ve much more to discover. Today, space exploration is done through unmanned robotic crafts. But till today, we’ve not send humans to places other than our moon & earth orbit. In fact, humans have not reached to Mars, the promising site for habitability of life. We need both scientific & engineering marvels to make all these possible. Governments should invest more on space exploration to fund researches & space missions. We need to design advanced crafts that can take us far beyond space, & that can run safely, & land us safely. We need to carry out more researches on planets, other objects in the universe, & in zero gravity. We need to know physical, chemical, biological, & geological aspects of planets. As space is our next or only option of survival, various researches & programs in the field are necessary. We can see positive approaches in this direction, as nations are coming out to invest in space, private companies like Space X are building spacecrafts, & US is building it’s next launch vehicle – Orion Multi-Stages Launch Vehicle.


Today climatology is a crucial field to study. It is the field which would help us decides whether to fly out to space, or live on earth. It is the field which made all of us mad, & made us to think about what we’re doing to the planet. In fact, it’s the field which created environment-awareness among us, & made me to list these 15 important fields which will be crucial in changing our future. Advanced researches have been carried out around the globe to study the climate at its best. Many nations have been putting money in the field to understand the climate, & the effect caused to it through human activities. Many of the satellites orbiting earth 24 hours are of climate research. Today, climate researches are carried out by advanced tools, like satellites. Computer-simulations & satellite-images are vital in understanding the conditions of climate. The two articles cited above, published by Scientific American, are based on climate research. Climatology is helping us to probe the planet, & the effects caused to it by pollutions. The hottest & most-debated topic of today – Global Warming – was unveiled by climatology. Climatology has lots to unveil in future.  The researches in the field made us aware about what harms we’re doing to our planet, & future. It’s the field which will lead us to decide whether to live on earth, or fly out to space for survival. The threats approaching us, or already approached us, are from changing climate (as a consequence of global warming). So, it’s the topmost priority to study it. Thus, climatology is now a crucial field to study, which will help us plan our economy, create greener technologies, make us aware of ongoing activities on earth, & finally, if needed, lead us to decide whether to go to space.


Ecology, as one knows, is the study of interactions of life on earth. It studies the biodiversity, how various life forms interact with each other. Today, ecology is an important field to us as it’d help us understand how climate change has been affecting life forms. As the climate is changing dramatically, it has been affecting wildlife negatively. In some places, like in polar regions, many animals are not able to cope with the changing environment (rise in temperature), & are dying. The deaths of life forms would affect the food chain. Then, ecology would be helpful in understanding the altering food chain, & how it would affect all of us. Ecology, overall, would give us a solid-understanding of how the climate change has been affecting the life forms, & their interactions. Thus, it’s important to focus on the field so that we can probe the effects of climate change on life forms as well.


As we all know, health is wealth. There’s nothing like health. If health is fit & fine, then & then we can make the world fit & fine as well. From the very beginning of human race, we’re very concerned about health. We tried to know about human body, how to repair it, how to maintain it well. Many of the early surgeries were performed in my own country –India. Today, as we all are concerned about, people’s health are getting worse day by day, due to factors like pollution, impure foods (illegal adding of contaminants in foods for business purposes), & poverty. Not only our health is getting worse nowadays, but there’re several deadly diseases worldwide which have no, or less effective solutions like cancer, HIV AIDS. Today, advanced researches are being carried in laboratories around the globe, that will help us finding solutions to diseases, & make us resistant to other threats through advancement in biotechnology (will be discussed later in detail). Many solutions are being found to fight diseases, but still there’s a need to carry more researches in the field. Researches in medical sector are vital for our development & prosperity as well. Medical research would succeed truly when it’ll make medicines that prevent microbes from entering our body. Future concepts of nanobots – nano-scale robots that will be injected to human body to probe it carefully to ensure that there’s no risk – is going to change our health forever. DNA sequencers, today, are helping us to pinpoint diseases. Many companies, like Oxford Nanopore, are selling these handy sequencers. There’re many more to explore in this field. Top researches are going on. The objective of this field in the future is to make human disease-free, & to create anti-disease for humans, as anti-virus for computer, so that we can work better for our future. Medical field is one of the most important field in this list which will help us make us more healthier. Our worse health will one day prevent us from fighting with the upcoming threats. So, special focus must be given on this field. No doubt, top-classes researches are going on, & private companies are also approaching toward medical research. But in many countries, due to poverty & lack of appropriate healthcare, people are dying of diseases which are actually treatable. Still due to lack of healthcare & poverty, & lack of education, many people are becoming victims of easily treatable diseases. For this situation, we can’t blame scientists, but we should criticize government. It’s the problem in government policy that many people are still very far away from advanced healthcare. Only the educated & rich people, today, in many nations, can have quality healthcare. Remaining, illiterate & poor, people don’t get access to quality healthcare. In case of private hospitals, a large amount of fee has to be deposited before treatments begin, & the overall expenditure for the treatment is also high. So, poor people can’t afford treatments in private hospitals, where treatment is actually better. Though government hospitals are there, & everyone can have access to them, quality healthcare is not possible. Though the treatment is not that bad, as very small amount of money is needed for treatment, special cares are not taken. This is not the case everywhere. In the developed & many developing nations, government hospitals equally give quality healthcare as private give. But in many nations, government healthcare is still not up to the mark. Where in some nations, advanced devices like nanobots are being built; in others people are not getting treatments to easily treatable diseases. So governments must take initiative to give quality healthcares to every citizen, irrespective of economical & educational backgrounds. The medical sector will be successful when quality healthcares are provided to everyone in the world & every disease are treated through advanced technology.


We’re surrounded by various forms of threats. Not only humans have enemies, other life forms also have. In fact, earth has also a prime enemy – humans! Primarily, we’ve 4 forms of threats: natural, social, economic & technological. (Please note that there may be other forms of threats. But these 4 forms are the topics of discussion of this section).

Under natural threats, we’ve 2 forms: terrestrial (earth-based) & extra-terrestrial (space-based). To list threats within terrestrial section, there’d be many threats which are earth-based, but for the sake of time, we’d not list them. Rather, we’ll discuss here the threat which is really going to affect us, & everyone knows what it is – the climate change. In the section of extra-terrestrial, we’ve asteroid collision, solar storms, space dust. There would be others in the future when we’ll explore space, but for now, there 3 are prominent.

Under social threats, there’re threats like terrorism, corruption, violence, war, discrimination, population (a potential threat that is the root of many other problems), conflict, crime, human rights abuse, illiteracy, superstition etc.

Economic threats contain issues like scarcity of resources, economic crisis, poverty, less production than consumption. Economic threat is related to how to satisfy unlimited wants with limited resources.

Technological threat includes illegal use of technology. Illegal use of technology means using a particular technology for illegal purposes (example, cybercrime).

So, we’re surrounded with every form of threats. Therefore, we must develop a stronger defense system. In case of natural threats like climate change, it’s too late. The only option left is to escape earth. Through advanced defending technology, we can avoid collision with asteroids (by changing its path, destroying by missile, etc.). Social threats, like terrorism, conflict, violence, war can be fought with by understanding, & compromise. Poverty can be reduced by development & stronger economy. Discrimination, human rights abuse, can be overthrown by strict laws, education, & awareness. Superstition, population can be fought with by public awareness, & education. Illiteracy can be reduced by quality education. Crime, corruption can be fought by strict laws, social education. Development, reduced corruption, smart business, international relationship can eradicate economic problems. Technological threats (in the form of crime) can be fought with by advanced security, strict laws, technology education, and license for using the technological products which are potentially harmful.


From child to adult, everyone knows about robots. Robots, by far, fascinates the children most. When you talk about a robot to a person, the picture he/she imagines is of a human that has sensors, walk differently than actual human does, has electronic voice, can repair itself, has lot of wires, etc. This form of robots, in robotics, is called humanoid robot, most famous of which is ASIMO. But only professionals, or few persons knows what a robot actually is. In movies, novels, robots are shown to do adventurous tasks. Though, robot has been a topic of entertainment industry, it does more than that. The study that deals with the design, construction, operation, structural disposition, manufacture and application of robots and computer systems for their control, sensory feedback, and information processing, is called robotics. To simply put, it is the study of robots. Today, robots are largely used in industries to do tasks that is repetitive, or dangerous, or that can be done efficiently by robots. Robots are widely used for space exploration, to explore those places where humans cannot go, or just explore a place for investigation. Humanoid robots like ASIMO were designed to work at homes. Though, they’re not used for household activities yet, in future they’ll be helping us. In future, robots will do a lot, & that’s why robotics got its place in this list. Robots will play a critical role in exploration (both terrestrial & extra-terrestrial), defense, industrial processing, household activities, & would do numerous tasks. In fact, they would also be in our body – in the form of nanobots – to help us detect diseases faster. In every sector, robots will play a key role. Though in industrial & developed nations like US, Japan, advanced researches are going on in robotics, & in fact a variety of robots are being created, still in a lot of countries, there’s no research in the field as it’s a very advanced field where mechanical, electrical & computer engineering, & art intersect. ASIMO – the smartest humanoid robot – was made in Japan. In many countries, there’s absolutely no study in robotics. As the world is becoming faster & robots will play a key role in future economy, it’s important to initiate quality researches in this field in almost all the developed & developing nations. The fuels to robotics researches are education & money. If both these fuels are supplied, more advanced robots will easily come out from a handful of countries. In future, robots would play a critical role. If we need to leave earth & fly out to space for settlement, robots would help us find new places for settlement, & in several other tasks they would help us. They would also do a lot of not-so-important tasks, so that humans can concentrate on other important tasks. With the industrialization, robots are a basic need. In industries around the world, robots are used for manufacturing products. They can do some works more efficiently & effectively. Though, there’s a threat of whether robots replace humans in future, we can proceed with more advanced robots by keeping them under our control.

Computer Science/Engineering:

List those things which are not performed by computer today. Hardly, there’ll be such things which are not performed by computer. Almost every possible task is done by computer. Computer is one of the greatest innovations of humans. It has changed everything. Today most of the economies are due to computer. Computer actually brought a revolution. Its speed, accuracy, efficiency made everything possible. A decade from today, everyone didn’t has access to computer. But today, in 2012, almost everyone has access to computer, be it a laptop or desktop or tablet. The feature that actually made revolution in the computer technology is – internet – connecting anyone, anywhere, anytime. So, there’s no way of not listing this field in this list. The revolution in computer science/engineering would bring many mesmerizing technology to live. All the other fields in this list are becoming more effective through computer only. And fields like nanotechnology, biotechnology, space exploration, robotics all came to live only & only due to computer. Today, computer is getting faster & smaller. Many researches are going on to improve computer power & efficiency. Today, computer is used in almost all the fields to perform quality researches & analysis. But it’s important to have such researches & developments in computer science/engineering itself. Almost no nation would deny researches in this field as everyone understands its need. We’re so dependent on computer that now we can’t live without it. In every possible way, we need computer. Directly, or indirectly we use it. The developments in computer would fuel many future researches & developments. The robots, mentioned above, would also be developed through computer breakthroughs. Powerful the computer more developed the world. Computer now became the engine of developments. So the quality researches & developments in this field are must. Though in developed nations, researches are going on, still more countries have to join this R&D work. Most of us (not everyone) use computer for doing other tasks, but few think that it’s necessary to do a lot to computer itself. Computer is used to fuel other researches, but it’s important to fuel computer researches itself. Though various researches are going on in developed & developing countries, it’s important to initiate more researches in other nations to meet the tomorrow’s challenges that could only be solved by advanced computers. Moreover, computer should be supplied everywhere so that more & more people can have access to it. There’re still a lot of rural areas where computer literacy is considerably low. Today, a person should at least have knowledge of some basic features of computer. It’s now a basic requirement for humans. Internet – the most effective feature of computer science/engineering – played key role in Arab Uprising. And that’s why dictators fear of it. So it’s a must to make computer & it’s most important feature – internet – global, so that everyone can have access to it. Also it’s a necessary to initiate more researches on the field as it’s the reason behind all the revolutions we’re getting.

Material Science/Engineering:

Everything in this universe is made of atoms (atom itself made up of other particles), & the collection of atoms constitutes some substances, & one or more substances constitute materials of definite properties. The properties of things are known by the properties of the materials they’re made up of. The physical & chemical characters of things are dependent upon the nature of the materials they’re made up of. Thus, better materials create better products. Hence, material science/engineering is a very much important subject to study & got its name in this list. The performance of every product is dependent upon the material it’s made up of. So, it’s very much important to engineer better materials. Material science/engineering would play a crucial role in computer science/engineering, space exploration, robotics, energy, defense, & lots more. It’d let us create faster electronics, which would help create faster computer, mobile, television, & other electronic gadgets. Space exploration would also reap benefits from it as to survive in the harsh conditions of space, it’s important to make spacecrafts out of such materials which can resist such conditions. One day, advancement in material science would allow us to land (though there’s no surface) on sun. In the re-entry of spacecrafts, the spacecraft gets so hot by friction that fire sets up in the outer layer of it; still fire can neither damage the craft, nor the crew inside it. Robotics would also be largely benefitted by advancement in material science/engineering as for the better & faster performance of the robot, it’s important to make processors & other electronics out of better materials. Also to make the robot resistant of high temperature, the robot has to be made out of heat-resistant materials. Stronger & heat-resistant materials would create better weapons, & thus, defense would also get huge benefits from it. Advanced materials would also allow electricity to flow faster, & thus would make energy efficient electronics. The success of solar cells is also dependent upon on better materials. Hence, material science/engineering would affect the energy sector too. Every production is dependent fully on materials, & thus the advancement in the field is a must. In future, material science/engineering would play a crucial role & would make many things possible. After the arrival of nanotechnology (to be discussed next), the material science/engineering itself revolutionized completely.  Today, we can change materials at nano-scale, which enable us to alter the properties of a particular material completely giving birth to new material. After the discovery of graphene – the strongest material on earth – it’s certain that material science/engineering would do revolutions in future. So, researches in this field are necessary. If there’s no development in this field, many of the developments in other fields would hamper. Computer performance is also dependent on this. Moore’s law – that computer power increases every 18 months – is also about to fail only due to material science/engineering. The advancement in this field would give rise to many wonders in future. So, giving special focus on this is a must. Though, a lot of researches are going on to produce better materials, more researches in this field are must to meet the future challenges.


Nanotechnology is a new & emerging field. Not everyone is concerned about it. But believe it or not, it’s going to change everything. Nanotechnology will help create better materials & better materials will create better technologies. Nanotechnology, in simple term, is the study of manipulating matter on atomic and molecular scale. Nanotechnology is the key to many future technologies. The development in this field would revolutionize fields like computer science/engineering, space exploration, biotechnology, material science/engineering, energy, medical, & lots more. The power behind this technology is that it enables to play with atoms & molecules, which enable to alter the fundamental properties of a substance, making it more efficient. Through nanotechnology we can do whatever we want. We can change anything according to our needs. If everything goes on well & the researches & developments go in the positive direction, then there’s absolutely n0 doubt that it would change everything. It can unlock many future technologies. Though, researches are going on in this field in many developed nations, as it’s a new field, in many nations there’s neither any research on it, nor any course in institutes. So, there’s a sharp need to initiate quality research & education on it to meet many future developments. Though, it’s very new in many areas around the world, or it’s a stranger to many, nations like US are investing significantly on it. Almost everyone is rushing to nanotechnology for innovations. Material science/engineering will fuel many future technologies & nanotechnology will fuel material science/engineering itself. So, it’s a must to invest & initiate quality research & development in nanotechnology.


Biotechnology is a field of applied biology that involves the use of living organisms and bioprocesses in engineering, technology, medicine, and other fields requiring bioproducts. Though it’s an ancient field, it’s something new today after its emergence as a new form of technology. Biotechnology got its name listed in this list as it can really change the world. It can affect agriculture, energy, medical, environment, & lots more. Through biotechnology crops are being modified which can grow faster, yield more, & that which can’t be affected by pests. Thus, increasing the productivity & maintaining the food security. Today, researches are going on to produce energy from living organisms like algae to meet the energy demand through eco-friendly way. This can only be done through biotechnology. Advanced medicines can also be produced through this field. It can provide solution to many deadly diseases. Many effective drugs are produced by biotechnology. In fact, nanobots would also be made possible through this. One day our body will be such that no threat would be able to attack it. We would have bio-armor that would defend us from any threat. Even, researches are going to unlock the secret of life, & make humans immortal & young forever. We can today scan our whole DNA. This is also a wonder of biotechnology. Biotechnology holds many hopes for the future in many crucial fields, especially, in agriculture, energy, & medical. Thus, advanced researches in this field are must. Many countries are investing billions in this field, including India, to carry out quality researches & developments. Though, researches are going in many nations, further researches are necessary to meet many future challenges as other important fields are dependent on it. Agriculture, energy, & medical are very important fields of future, & these 3 are fully dependent on biotechnology, though energy sector is not cent percent dependent. So, it’s important to initiate more quality researches on this field.

Human Resource Development (HRD):

Human Resource Development (or HRD for short) is concerned with utilizing human capital in effective ways for developments of the society & the world. Here I’ve listed this field as it’s a field which will cover all the human requirements, & it’s important to maintain this resource (human). In future, especially during apocalypse or emergency, we’d need leaders who would manage everyone & lead us toward safer place for survival. Humans, the most important resource on earth, need to be guided carefully for better performance. It’s important to take care of every human on earth for an improved world. We need to give quality education, food, money, & other resources to exploit human talents to improve the world we are living in. Today, many people are illiterate, jobless, far away from quality healthcare, food, clothes, & other resources, under below poverty line. More than half of the world population is still not that much developed as necessary. People in Africa are still dying of starvation. Human – the most powerful resource on earth – is still far away from many basic requirements. Not everywhere, everyone is undeveloped, but majority of them are still undeveloped. All these problems would be tackled by HRD. Thus, HRD is a very important field to focus on. The other 14 fields listed above will not be possible, if people are not developed. World changes by development, & for this development to happen, we need developed people, & the developed people will be made possible by HRD. There’re 2 major fuels HRD has to supply to human capital for development – education & money. Education, as mentioned first, is a topmost requirement that would make almost everything possible, & the lack of which is the cause behind all the problems we’re facing. If quality education is given everywhere, everyone would have better, matured, & logical thinking, & this would result in a better world. In the other hand, money (which can also be created after gaining good education & good job) has to be supplied before to make education itself possible. Many people around the world are still deprived from basic human requirements only due to money. So it’s important to generate wealth, which after combined with education, would produce educated & developed youths, & who, if trained properly, can change the world. Thus, it’s important for HRD to give quality education, food, water, jobs, & other requirements to everyone, everywhere for a better society. As a whole, it’s a must to focus on this field. All the fields, directly or indirectly, are dependent on this particular field only, as it looks for the human welfare. Educated people can actually change the world. World needs educated & civilized people for developments & to meet challenges, & HRD creates such people by providing basic elements they need to develop. Though, countries are spending billions in HRD to train all the people, give jobs, facilities, & ultimately, developments, it’s a must to do more. Culprits like corruption are also hampering this process. A fully functional system can only make all these possible. Economics is also deeply linked with this. With better production & consumption, a country can be developed, & the development would be initiated by educated people, & the educated people would be trained by HRD. In future, HRD would play a crucial role. An advanced world needs advanced people, & advanced people are ultimately looked after by HRD. Thus, it’s important to focus more on this field for future.

So, I’ve presented a long list of 15 fields, along with the roles they would play in our future. I apologize for making this post lengthy. But what to do, all these are necessary to put. Now, there arise another small, not so important, but yet important question – why we need to list some important fields to focus on, for our future? Though, the answer is discussed everywhere directly or indirectly, just for clearer understanding, or as a conclusion, I’d like to present it in a few words.

The first & foremost reason we need to focus on some specific fields is that earth will not be habitable after some decades. We may need to move to other planets for survival. As we all know it’s not going to be easy, so we need to focus on some specific fields, which would help us to do so. These fields would play crucial roles in doing so. That is one of the reason we need to focus on some specific fields. Another reason of equal importance is that we’re actually not investing where we need to. We’re misled. We’re actually not in the right direction. So we need to list out some fields which are actually important for our future, & where we should actually make investments. There’re some fields like nanotechnology, robotics, & lots more discussed above, which would actually change our future. They’re going to change the game. But still, they have not yet emerged in many countries. In fact, space exploration, which took birth centuries ago (observational part) has not emerged yet in many nations. All the fields listed here are extremely crucial for our future, yet they didn’t start everywhere. Education, which is centuries old, from the starting of human race, & which is actually the root of everything, is not going well everywhere. So how can we say that we’re developed? There’re yet other problems like lack of jobs, poverty, superstitions, increasing crimes, & lots more. If in other hand we’re creating solutions, in another hand, problems are also generating.

As I’ve put lots more above, I just don’t want to make it too long. So within a few sentences I just want to say that we’ve lots of challenges waiting for us to overcome, the prime of which is climate change. Our climate is dramatically changing, & earth is going to be uninhabitable soon. So earth is not safe. We’ve to move to other planets for survival. And we all are very concerned with the fact that all these are not going to be easy. So we’ve to plan carefully. But before thinking of going to space, we need to develop all the 15 fields. After developing all these fields, we can think of going to space. Here, 3 fields will fuel other fields – education, economics, & HRD. The reason is that education would train the coming generation of leaders & innovators who would lead us to safer place for survival, including space. Economics would help us understand the flow of wealth. It’d help us decide where to put how much money. And finally, HRD would help us understand & improve human requirements. HRD would take care of humans, & humans would take care of everything. Thus, for a better world, we need to understand human activities. And all the remaining fields would do the magic. These 3 fields would actually make all the other fields possible. Although, I’ve highlighted these 3 fields, there’s absolutely no meaning of focusing more on these three. All these fields are fully interconnected, & no one of them will be actually possible without any of them. So the focus must be on every field equally.

With ending this discussion, I’d like to say that humans have lot more to overcome. We’re surrounded with hundreds of threats starting from natural to social, economic to technological. The greatest challenge we’ve in front us is of climate change, & to overcome this, we’ve to focus on all the 15 fields. I welcome other fields (if they’re effective enough to change the game) from readers in the comment box below. This struggle is not of you & me, but of everyone. We all have to join each other & defeat the challenges ahead, & all these fields will help us doing so. Here, God will not help us, but we all have to do, because there’s no one watching above (will be discussed in my next post). We’re both the creator & the creation. We’ve to defeat everything & continue our species.

We’ve spent thousands of years on earth, now it’s time to move…to space & beyond & defeat every challenge ahead…


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