It’s the result season. Results of many exams like, IIT-JEE, HSSLC, HSLC are out. Students who secured good marks are over-delighted with their results & equally students who got poor marks are over-depressed. Now, after that, they (the toppers) will be studying in the best institutes of the country. And after that they’ll opt for jobs & will be in the top positions. In today’s competitive atmosphere, it’s important or the must to get the top most marks. It’s also important to be in a top position in a job for a luxurious living. But are getting marks or being in a top position everything? Is it the final destiny of life? Is it really?

The answer depends from persons to persons. And I leave the answer to the readers. But I’ll say something. Don’t worry I’ll not say ‘very’ much, if much. But before that I’ll ask the readers a question – how many of you think that it’s more important to get good marks, degrees & jobs than to do something after getting these? I’d be happy getting the answer in the comment box.

Here my sayings start.

Almost everyone, if not everyone, thinks that getting good marks, degrees & job is everything. But your marks, degrees & job is only 1% worth, the remaining 99% is what you do after these. It’s a common perception that job is the final destiny. But could it be really? Never. The main role is after the job. The question arises – why? Well, what if you’re a genius, what if you’re rich, what if you’re the president, what if you’re a scientist, what if you can do everything. Nothing. You’re the CEO of a multi-national company. You made your house out of diamonds. Now, what to me? Did you give your wealth to me? You’re enjoying your own life. You are you & not me. But what it caused to me. Simply nothing. So, there’s no meaning of your position, your talent, you wealth. Now, what’ll cause to me by your positions, merits, & wealth? If you do something for the benefit of the society, it’d really cause to me & others. Your talents, your positions, your wealth are totally worthless in front of the world until & unless you use it for the benefits of the society. Now, I’m really not saying that you shouldn’t enjoy your life & I’m also not saying that you should only keep on donating whatever the money you get. But at least, you should use something out of it for the social benefits, & I’m also not saying that only donating money can affect the society. You can use your innovations to create something or do something that affect the society.

Now whatever situation I pointed out above was to justify my reasoning. As the long title of this article suggests – it’s not so important to get good marks, degrees & jobs, but the important thing is what you do after getting good marks, degrees & jobs. Recalling a dialogue from kid’s favorite Spider-man, with great powers, come great responsibility, the role of a person starts after getting the job. Now, what should be the scenario? Well, a person should focus on what can he/she can do with his/her gained knowledge till date. Only living the own life actually destroys one’s merits. An educated person should or must use his/her knowledge to create something new or solve a problem. Simply becoming someone is not enough. Dream not only to become someone, but also to dream something after becoming that someone.

As mostly the case is, most of the students remember what they studied in books or lectures till their exams, & after that vanish. And if they remember, they don’t use them in the practical world. Knowledge shouldn’t lie within the pages of books, but in the real world. The problem is of application. A very few persons apply their knowledge to real world problems, & from there innovators born. This is the actual theme behind this discussion.

If you’re a scientist/engineer, you should apply your knowledge in solving problems & creating new technologies that benefit the society. If you’re a doctor, give the best healthcare possible to patients & find solution to the deadly diseases. If you’re a writer, write on those topics which change the course of mind. If you’re a social activist/social innovator, serve the society in the best possible ways. If you’re a teacher, give the best teaching possible. If you’re a politician, do for the nation from every side that makes the country healthy & prosperous. If you’re a businessman, sell quality products that enhance our economy. If you’re an army, protect the nation in such a way that there leaves no chances of threats. Whatever you’re, do your duties fully, & do something that can have great consequences. Use your knowledge in every possible ways that create some impact on the world. There’s a huge difference between a wise man & a bookworm. How? A wise man studies because he wants to know & apply his gained knowledge in the real world. But a bookworm studies because he has to & don’t apply his knowledge & the knowledge remains valid until the objective is fulfilled.

Just studying, getting full marks, getting good job, is really not enough. The objective of one’s studying & getting job is fulfilled when he/she use the gained knowledge & the job to do something influential. Unfortunately, there’re a very few persons in the world who use their knowledge to do something influential & that changes the world in large scale. Those persons create histories & they always survive in the hearts & minds of people. But our objective must not be to remember a few people, but a lot. Now, why that doesn’t happen?

The answer to the question is not so hard to answer, but it’s harder to implement the solution to reality. Actually, students get some aims in their minds as soon as they’re admitted to schools. These aims are actually not built up by their own, instead by their parents. Every student, if not all, have aims to secure top marks in exams & to be in top 3 positions. Now, this aim is due to another aim, i.e. for a good job & this aim is due to still another aim, i.e. to get a comfortable life. Once, the aim of getting the job is fulfilled, some parts of knowledge they gained are forgotten, & keep on remembering those parts which are necessary to keep the job alive. And they get happiness in just doing job. Now, to be honest, that’s perfect, but not enough. The objective must not be to get just jobs. People must not get happiness by only the jobs they do. Now, what ideal parents would teach their children & what ideal children (or students) should do?

  • First, parents should teach them to have a big dream in mind, not of getting job, but to do something huge or influential for the world & society, & always do for that big dream. Students should set up a big dream in their minds, a destiny, since they get mature thinking. They should dream of doing something that changes the world, & should always keep on working hard to get the destiny & to keep it alive forever.
  •  Second, parents should teach them to get knowledge because it is the first & foremost step towards a civilized human & a good citizen, & not because to get degrees & jobs. Students should not get knowledge only to get degrees & jobs, but because they want to know. They should also develop a hunger for knowledge in them.
  •  Third, parents should teach them not just to get knowledge, but also to apply them. Students should not only get knowledge, but should also apply them whenever they get chances.
  •  Fourth, parents should teach them not to compete with others, but with themselves & not to have an objective of being in top positions through marks, but to learn. Students should not have any competition with their classmates as it creates jealousy & lose. They should also not strive just to be in top positions through marks. Instead, their objective must be to learn & the marks should be the medium to tests themselves.
  •  Fifth, parents should teach them to treat degrees & jobs as media to their dreams & not as their destiny. Students should always treat degrees & jobs as mere media to their dreams & destiny that they set up long ago. Their only ambition should be to acquire that dream or destiny & then keep it alive forever.
  •  Sixth, parents should always encourage them to do for the world, to do something that changes the world, to change the dream to reality, & not to fear of challenges. Students, after completing their degrees & getting their desired jobs, should use all their knowledge & do something big for the world & something that has some strong influences in the world. They should fulfill their big dream that was seen in childhood & not fear of challenges that will come in front.

I think these all are what ideal parents should teach to their children & ideal students should do, at least. It is often seen, which is really sorrowful, that most of the students lose their childhood dreams in the future, & if some try to keep them alive, they get feared by the challenges & obstacles they’ll face. Very few students have entrepreneurship in their minds. Students never try of changing the desert to grassland, infertility to fertility, village to city. They’re either interested to live in the desert or move to grassland, but never think of changing that native desert to grassland. As pointed out in Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’s recent release, Target 3 Billions, most of the people move to city from village, but never take initiative to change the village to city. This scenario is both sad full & worrying. The root behind this problem is the lack of habit of facing challenges. Everyone tries applying shortcut methods, but doesn’t want to get into the real problem. Problem is just like water. When you dive into a pool of water, some of the water splashes out. In the same way, when you dive into a pool of problem, the solution would splash out. Simply looking at the problem is not enough. You’ve to dive into it. How many of the students in the world try to establish their own companies? Most of them just want to do for others. They want to work with existing scenario & not to have changes, because they don’t want to face obstacles. They just want to cope with what they’re provided. This is the main problem of the world. If solved, the face of the world would change. The world wants entrepreneurs who want to change the world in risk, by overcoming challenges. Today, parents want their children to get a degree & then a job & nothing more. In the same way, students also want just to complete a degree & get into a job & remain satisfied. Parents may get satisfaction by seeing their children getting into a good job. But students should never get satisfaction. They should aim higher. Their satisfaction should not roam around small things like getting jobs. Their satisfaction must lie in achieving higher. Though entrepreneurs & philanthropists are there in the world in a significant number, they’re actually not enough to change the face & fate of the world. If every youngster aims to change the world, solve the problems, & turn a desert to grassland, then & then, the world would change. Today, we’ve many challenges in front us & they’ve been increasing by both quantity & intensity. We need a generation of innovators & entrepreneurs who would change the world. But unfortunately, they’re not much in number. Though some entrepreneurs do such influential works that each one of them equals to hundreds. Still, we need more. We need more Robinson Crusoe, who can face hurdles & turn a barren land into a fertile land. The problem as discussed above is of the fear from challenges & hurdles. No one is interested to take initiatives. They’re just interested in moving to comfort, but aren’t interested to change the discomfort, from where they came, to comfort. Every student, after getting job, should take initiative to use his/her position to contribute in solving the world’s problems.

As it was earlier argued, simply having the degrees & job is actually not enough. You’ve to do something with them. You should use them to have changes. Every mind is equally bright, but students can’t explore their internal glare. They’re just left behind with counting marks of exams, or searching for jobs. But they should search for internal ‘them’. They should realize their childhood dreams of achieving something huge. If they had not such dreams in their childhood, they should dream in their present to do something game-changing. It’s also the responsibility of parents to teach their children of dreaming big & achieving that & keep it always alive. Equally, it’s the responsibility of teachers too to teach their students to always dreams big in life. As missile man of India had put, dreaming small is a crime. One should have high dreams. Few decades ago from today, students didn’t get much scope. Their resources were limited. But after those dark decades, today, there’re enormous scopes for everyone. So, today students have much chance to prove themselves. They should utilize their knowledge to do influential works for the world & society. So why don’t they do?

The fate of the world is in the hands of youngsters. Youth power is the most important & powerful resource on Earth which can construct the world & equally destruct it. If they realize the power within them, they can change everything. Whatever the things be, students should always dream high & then realize them. They should never make degrees & jobs their destiny. Their destiny must be big. There were many people in the world who had no formal education, but still changed world by the knowledge they gained simply from home tutoring or roaming around. They applied what they new & got something which changed the way of thinking. Most of the parents ask their children to top in the class. But that’s not enough. Topping in the class is of no importance. There’re people who didn’t top in their classes, but are much more than the toppers & topped in the real world.

Recalling a chapter from my class 8 English book, Hafeez Contractor, one of the top architects of the country, was a loser in his classes. His talent was recognized lately by the head of an architecture firm, when Hafeez, without any education on architecture, pointed out that the window that was designed by one of the architect of the firm will not open. The architect, who had designed it, thought how a boy, without any background on architecture, can say that the window will not open. But when he continued, the window didn’t open, & was surprised by the talent of Hafeez. The head, who had watched all these, was satisfied by Hafeez. When interviewed, Hafeez told that there were many toppers in his class who couldn’t achieve successes like him.

All these don’t show that one must be a loser in the class to get success, or should waste their time without studying. Whatever, a student was in his/her class, it doesn’t affect his/her real talent. The main thing is what one does after gaining knowledge. One must not find his/her importance around marks, degrees & jobs. There were or are many visionaries, innovators, & entrepreneurs, who had or has been changed or changing the face & fate of the world. The world is open for everyone. It’s the real laboratory, where you can do whatever you want to. Apply whatever you learned & change the world. Dream high & set your aim to the destiny.

Here is a poem by me from my diary:

A man without dream is a man without destiny, &

A man without destiny is a man without vision, &

A man without vision is a man without hope, &

A man without hope can be better called as an animal.

This discussion never tells that one shouldn’t try to get good marks, degrees & jobs. These are the integral parts towards achieving dream. But these should never be the destiny. Destiny is waiting far away from all these. Dream very high, do all your best to achieve it, & change the world. And dream to do something big & influential that is powerful enough to change the world, society & everything…

With all these, I’m ending this discussion. Your destiny is waiting for you in the horizon… Go & catch it.

Simply getting degrees & jobs is not enough, the real thing starts after that. Picture abhi baaki hain…

 Copyright©2012 Sandeep Deba Misra