Here, I’ve listed 3 reasons we need to invest in space or why we’re investing in space. Though, the budget of a single space mission is considerably high, it is worth investing in space as it gives more than what it takes. Now, we can list 3 reasons we are spending billions of dollars in space:

1.       Curiosity & exploration.

2.      Settlement in space if the Earth becomes inhabitable.

3.      Space technology can be used on Earth which creates economy & improve our lifestyles.

These are the reasons no one hesitate spending in space – an unknown place – despite high budget. Space is something where we can explore. It is something which is so wonderful that we get attracted towards it. It is the space mania. Space also acts as our home. When Earth will become inhabitable, space will be our next home. We can establish settlement in space. Moreover, as world population reached 7 billions & is rising higher, in future we’ll not have much space here on Earth & some of us will settle in space. Like that, we’ll have interplanetary settlements in future. We’ll use resources from various planets; will settlement there, do businesses & much more. An interplanetary network will establish in future. No matter whether we live on Earth or not, we’ll live on different places on space forming a web & this will become our world, much larger than Earth. It is of most importance to invest more in space as it is our future & it benefits indirectly here. Moreover, it is a ground for explorers, those who love unveiling unknown. As the Earth is becoming more inhabitable year-by-year, gradually we’ll have to shift to other planets. Thus, for now, the important task is to explore it. We’re sending many unmanned & manned missions to space which will improve our knowledge about the unknown world. Today, space exploration is also becoming commercial. People go to space for tourism by money. Thus, the space tourism is on the way to mature & thus, establishing businesses. Private companies are also contributing to it. We went to moon & orbit the Earth, but we didn’t go to other planets. But now, NASA & other space agencies are planning to send humans to Mars – the next site of life. There’re many more places to explore both through unmanned & manned missions. Space exploration is now becoming more & more popular. People are giving interest on it. Within the coming decades or after mid-century, we’ll have a solid foundation on space. Now, it’s time to invest more in space & initiate young, who in future, will lead us to space. Many agencies are putting money in space. Stephen Hawking, renowned British theoretical physicist said, “I don’t think the human race will survive the next thousand years, unless we spread into space. There are too many accidents that can befall life on a single planet. But I’m an optimist. We will reach out to the stars.” Today space science is a very exciting field to work in. Various researches are going on it so that we can explore more & more & one day, establish an interplanetary settlement.

Never let your visions & imaginations to be limited within the boundary of Earth. But, extend them to the vast stretches of boundless cosmos. Let’s come & join the 21st century space exploration where space exploration will not only be meant for government agencies, but also for private companies; where space exploration will not only be meant for highly-trained & skilled professionals, but also for common people; where the dreams of becoming astronaut will not be left unrealized, but billions of such dreams will be realized; where space exploration will not be a matter of chance, but a matter of choice; where all the nations unite together to form a single nation & join the future of space exploration. That’s the 21st century Space Exploration. Come & let your thoughts, visions & dreams to be vibrated in the vast stretches of universe. Come & join the 21st century space exploration…


Copyright©2012 Sandeep Deba Misra