NOTE: This article is not written to blame or criticize any kind of education system existing or exited or will exist in the world. Here, our attempt is to discuss the drawbacks of some kind of education systems which unintentionally add loads to school students.  Our attempt is to tell the world that such education systems should be modified slightly so that students can handle the processes of education easily.

These days, students are becoming victims of tons of homework assignments given to them in schools. The loads on students are increasing rapidly. In fact, a school student of today is getting more works than an employ few decades ago. New educational systems like Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) are emphasizing more on project works. The idea of modified educational systems like CCE are developed for an all round development of a student. But sometimes, these give so much homework assignments to students that they can’t handle easily. As a result, a student gets heavy loads of works which could have negative impacts on the physical & mental growths of a student.

It’s no doubt that CCE & other modified education systems are made for a continuous & overall development of a student. The intention of developing the previous system is good enough. There’s no doubt. But, sometimes, such systems add more pressure on a student. In the previous system, students had to prepare for examinations & do simple homework assignments only. So, it doesn’t give more pressure to students. But it doesn’t help to develop an all round personality. So, it’s developed & in India, Central Board Of Secondary Education (CBSE) had introduced CCE. CCE helps for the overall development of a student. But it has 2 kind of examinations – pen & paper test; project works & co-curricular activities. So, there’re several examinations for projects. Now, loads increase. The problem is not in assigning projects. In fact, project raises the capabilities of team work & creative thinking. But, the problem is in the type & amount of projects. Some projects are such complicated & troublesome that they add to worries of students. Moreover, sometimes some projects deal to carpentry. As carpentry needs special training, maximum students make them from carpenters. So, what’s the profit?

So, such a system should be developed that students are given less, but creative homework assignments & projects. The amount of homework assignments, especially, projects is much more that sometimes students can’t handle them & physically & mentally affect their development. My aim is not to point CCE or other modified educational systems if exist, but my aim is to point the whole educational system of the world. The homework assignments, especially, projects should be given limitedly & such homework assignments & projects should be given so that they help in the proper development of a student. They shouldn’t raise the pressure on students. Maximum students hate homework assignments & projects. It’s not because each & every student of the world is not interested in studies, but it’s because their amount is more & because they’re not interesting. Homework assignments & projects should always be productive & creative.

It’s always frustrating to do tons of homework assignments & projects. If in one moment, students get a notice from examination department that examination is going to be held after next 2 weeks, in another moment, they’ll get to know that they’ve to complete some projects. So, when will students get time to prepare for exams & when they’ll get time to make the projects? So, nothing gets balance. The result is improper works & tensions. All these increase pressure in students’ brains. A school should never be a pressure cooker!!

So, it’s also an appeal of each & every student that education system should be modified in more proper way in which homework assignments & projects are limited & they’re productive. In the 21st century, no student in the world gets time from himself or herself. He or she has to contribute his or her time in homework assignments & projects only. It’s also important for a student to play games & other activities. Some students also want to use their spare time for reading other books too. All these couldn’t be done due to homework assignments & projects. These all are not what I’m saying only, these all are what top academics researches also say.  Thus, it’s an appeal in behalf of every school student that education system must be reformed. It shouldn’t train a student, but it should educate a student.

 Copyright©2011 Sandeep Deba Misra