Today, in the early 21st century, we’ve achieved lot many advances in science & technology both theoretically & experimentally. Today many of the mysteries veiled by nature have been unveiled rapidly. In this scientific era, almost nothing is kept mystery. But there’re still many mysteries locked by nature for us to unlock. Many talented scientists & engineers from various fields are putting their best to reveal the most ultimate of our cosmos. Day-by-day, our understanding about nature has been strengthening. As such, there have been many institutions & organizations which are doing their best to throw shadows over many mysteries.

Research & Development or R & D (we’ll use R & D to mean research & development here) has been an important part of our life. From ancient periods to till now, there came many changes world-wide due to this research. In fact, it is R & D by which we’ve achieved this state. Without R & D, there’ll not be anything new or developed in our world. To say, without R & D, we couldn’t survive. In the human history, fire has been a very important discovery. Almost nothing is possible without fire. No one knows who discovered fire; but directly or indirectly, knowingly or unknowingly, it was a part of research in the form of experiment. When our human civilization started to take its shape, people had been experimenting with every possible substance. They observed how the nature works. At first, they were like 4-5 years old child of today, knowing nothing but had enormous curiosity. Some of their curiosities were part of their pressure. In any way, they had to fulfill their stomach, had to survive in secure place etc. Anyways, as a result, they were experimenting with every stuff. By chance, sometimes, their experiments result in big discoveries or you say yield good results (e.g. discovery of fire by rubbing stones). As such, all these were part of research. They didn’t know what they were actually doing but they knew one thing that they’re tackling the unknown. These all, resulted in huge successes which helped our civilization to extend forward. In every way, they were tackling with unknown & got to know a lot. As I’ve stated, these all are part of research, if one reason or think over the concept deeply, almost anyone would say that human civilization is impossible without research. It is research which taught us what to eat, where to live, how to defend. I’ve highlighted these eating, living & defending because these are the prime motives of any being & then others. So the research taught our ancestor how to survive. Though they did all these researches unknowingly, they were doing big researches & thus they were great scientists.

We humans, by nature, have a hunger of knowledge. We want to know what’s going on. In other words, we’ve strong curiosity. We want to know the truth of nature & the solution to this hunger is research. From the starting of human civilization to till today, we’ve been researching on several things knowingly or unknowingly. As in the case of early humans, they did researches unknowingly. Afterwards, there came scientists who research knowingly to reveal truth of our nature for the welfare of human being. In compare to ancient periods, today’s research works are taken very seriously. We spend millions of billions of dollars (or any form of currency) in research works. All these researches largely affect the way of living. As I’ve mentioned in the last paragraph, research is the basis of human civilization as a whole, without research, this civilization is impossible. In this era of science & technology, we’ve gathered lot many advances in knowing our nature but still there’re many more to unveil. Research has largely affected our lives. In the formation of human civilization, research served as guide to explore the unknown world around. Today research has been serving as the way to luxuries, civilized & intelligent society. Tomorrow it’ll serve as the weapon to protect our future. In every way, we see, research is very important part of our life. If a country doesn’t have strong understanding over science & technology, then within a century (100 years) or so, it’ll certainly be collapse. So it is obvious to say that research plays a key role in our world without which almost nothing is possible. So strengthening our scientific understanding through various research works is very important.

Today it is very important to do researches on various fields as there’ll be nothing without this. Though, still today also, we have been researching on various fields for our survival, at the very present we don’t have much need of it. To say, if we stop our researches for almost 1-2 years, we don’t have to pay for it. But after a shocking news, we’ve to largely pay for it if we don’t conduct researches for at least a month too! Why? Earth is actually ruined. More than 50% or almost 70-80% of it is damaged by pollution. Earth is safe only for 200 years or so & after that we’ve to leave out to space for survival. But going to space, by leaving earth is not so easy. (Details of the topic is discussed in Space: Our Next Home). There must be various researches on the field of space science. Till today, we’ve not be able to go to mars – the most promising candidate of survival of life. There needs a lot of researches on this. Now scientists & engineers got pressures because for our survival we’ve to leave earth. It is not so clear whether we would be able to go to space within 2 centuries or not. This is not only a problem, there’re a lot more from medical science to computer science. There’re still deadly diseases like cancer which don’t have any medicine for treatment. After 2020, silicon-based computers will ruin & the Moore’s Law (computer power will increase every 18 months) may collapse. That means, computer power couldn’t increase which will results in many problems in the world. Day-by-day, works are becoming more complicated. So more powerful computers are needed. Largely, scientific research would be disturbed as it needs more powerful & complicated machines. Scientists have been researching on the topic & found a solution – Quantum Computer. This computer will be powered within nano scale. After long-term research, scientists got a strong solution. Now its time for engineers to make them within a decade which is really a tough work because quantum computers are not manufactured till now. As such, in every field we’ve challenges. If we don’t overcome these challenges, we’ve to largely suffer. So what to do? We’ve to withstand the challenges & the solutions to all these are research. Intense researches have to be done in every field to withstand the challenges of coming centuries. Another such problem waiting for us is the apocalypse of 2012. Though it is confirmed that such apocalypse will not occur in 2012. But it is a truth that any time soon in future, such apocalypse will take its form. Then what to do? Suppose, if we’re confirmed that in 2012 such apocalypse will occur, then what to do? How to withstand this? From today, we’d have almost one & half years to prepare for the apocalypse. So such apocalypse couldn’t be withstood in any time soon in the coming 2-3 decades. I think that this fake news has alerted us of the coming danger. That’s a sign of nature. Now we’ve to do intense researches on the field to find techniques to prevent this. For anything to do, we’ve to first study it well & then implement techniques to control over it. All these need research.

Now to do a research in modern times, it takes a lot of money. Typical space missions cost millions of dollars. As such, research in 21st century costs a lot. Now what we’ve to do is that we’ve to put a significant percent of our economy in R & D. In fact, this is the topic of the discussion. How to do so? If we estimate the overall economy of the world, we would see that there are economical leaks however. Means economy of our world is not in correct proportion in every field. We should give money in every field according to its need, neither more nor less. But we don’t do the same. In some fields, we’re giving excess money & in some fields we’re not giving sufficient money. So economy is not balanced. Moreover, there’re problems of corruptions & black money. Such things are constantly ruining the world’s developments. So lot of money of our world is constantly wasting. So if we can manage for it, then there’ll not be any economical leaks & the world’s developments will go on. R & D will also get benefited by this. No doubt, government is putting its finance in R & D, but it should give more interest on it from now onwards. It’s a time to reform. There’re a lot of scientific masterpieces to solve & if we don’t do the same, lot of problems will arrive. For all these, we need more & more budgets. Government has to concentrate more on R & D from now onward. Prof. Stephen Hawking in a conference said that we should use most of our economy in space. There’s no future on earth. Using our economy on earth would be mere wastage. So we’ve to think over this topic too. Space science would be basis of existence two centuries later. Space science, not only revolutionize physics & engineering, but also chemistry or biology or other disciplines because it is completely related to space where not only physics or engineering are important, but every possible discipline.

It’s not only space science which need to be developed, but every  research field. Today we’ve a lot of challenges to overcome, which will largely impact our society. There should be lot of research projects to overcome these challenges. It’s better to put a significant part of our economy in R & D because this will protect our future. From the beginning of the discussion, I’ve been talking about the importance of R & D & how it was, it is & it’ll affect our lives. The theories devised in 20th or 19th or centuries ago have been used to make our society developed. But now there needs revolution. Now some of these theories will not work in many areas of science. We need reformation. There are problems of singularity. You can’t predict what happen inside black hole because it needs different theories. There must be both theoretical & experimental developments in every field. Tomorrow, we’ve a lot of challenges to overcome which will really affect our lives & only solution to such problems is research & development. It would be better to put a significant percent of our economy in RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT.

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