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I’m Sandeep Deba Misra, the author of SANDEEP’S COSMOS.  I’m very much thankful to all of my readers that you all are taking keen interest in my blog SANDEEP’S COSMOS. Till date, almost 1000 readers had visited my blog. I expect even more from you all.

The intention of creating a blog is that I want people to have intellectual perspectives. We all have ideas, but all of us can’t find such ideas in ourselves. That’s why I hoped that by writing SANDEEP’S COSMOS, I can present my view to people worldwide so that everyone of us develop intellectual perspectives in themselves.  Today we all are in illusion. We are not able to see through the ultimate truth. And I want people to come out from such illusion. We need clear & wide-vision to see through the most ultimate truth. In such hopes, I had started SANDEEP’S COSMOS. Today I’m happy to know that you all readers are reading SANDEEP’S COSMOS. But believe me, I’ll be much happy in the day when you all will use the ideas of SANDEEP’S COSMOS & develop intellectual perspectives in yourselves. Believe me; no matter how intelligent you are, how rich you are, if you don’t have a good perspective or view, you don’t have any identity in nature. Remember, a person is known by his or her perspective or view. Your perspective is your ultimate identity.

Thus, its my pleasure that you all are enjoying SANDEEP’S COSMOS. So, I have bring more for my readers. I want to stay connected with all of you. As such, in SANDEEP’S COSMOS, you’ll get some more features available to stay connected with me. Now, you can rate my posts after reading them. If you want, you can vote for  SANDEEP’S COSMOS in “What’s your view about SANDEEP’S COSMOS?” so that I can know whether I’m in right direction or not. If you want you can direct contact me by going to CONTACT menu above. Moreover SANDEEP’S COSMOS got its email id: These all are the new features. By all these I can stay connected with you all.

I hope you all will read SANDEEP’S COSMOS & utilize its contents in your life. I wish  a great journey to all of you readers. Discover Everything & Beyond…in SANDEEP’S COSMOS. Have a great journey!!

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