What are the main steps? : How space science will become the basis OF existence OF LIFE

We’ve the problems of expedition to space. But no solutions to these nagging problems. Without any solution it’ll be impossible to go to space & we all have to die violently on earth. This is a matter of concern. But I think that we can advance some of our present fields to get the solution. What we have to do is to develop & repair space science. Space science is the study of everything beyond earth’s atmosphere. Space science consists of following basic disciplines:

1. Astronomy:

i) Astrophysics.

ii)  Planetary Science.

iii)  Exobiology.

2. Aerospace:

i) Aeronautical Engineering

ii) Astronautics

3 . Space colonization:

i)  Space colonization justification.

ii) Space colony location

iii) Space colonization agriculture

iv)  Space colony construction etc.

4. Space Defense

These are the fields of space science. Basically, we’ve Astronomy which further consists of Astrophysics, Planetary Science & Exobiology. Then, we’ve Aerospace which also consists of Aeronautical Engineering & Astronautics. Then, we’ve Space colonization which consists of Space colonization justification, Space colonization agriculture etc. At last, we’ve Space defense which doesn’t consists of any specified sub-fields. Note here that some of these subfields have more subfields. As not important for our present discussion, we’ll not mention them. These are the subjects. Now, these all subjects are the basis of space science & the basis of existence of life in future (after 200 years). What we have to do is to develop all these subjects & repair it whenever needed. Though these are the developed fields, there’re more to be developed.

Among these list, Astronomy is most developed. The developments in this field are   rapid. Though, there are developments, there are still more developments to be done in this area. Astronomy is the detailed study of celestial objects.

Next is Aerospace. It second most developed. Though there are rapid developments in this field, there are necessarily more to be done. Aerospace is the study of instruments needed both for Astronomy & Astronautics.

Then Space colonization is third most developed. Though attempts are going on for developments in this field, there need necessarily detailed developments in this field. Space colonization is the study of humans in space. And this is the reason for its least developments as it is risky to send humans to space without sophisticated researches & experiments.

Then forth most developed is Space defense. There had been a continuous growth in this field must there must be more developments. It is the study of protecting ourselves from celestial objects or hazards.

Now, you got the details of all these subjects. These are 4 main subjects. All these subjects must be developed equally, then the space science will strong & then we’ll get possible solutions to our problems. What we’ve to do is to develop all these fields. Though, developments are going on, there must be more developments on these fields. In astronomy, we reached the vast expanses of our universe to the tiniest of atoms. In aerospace, we devised new instruments which are so sensitive & powerful that they reached the farthest reaches of cosmos. In space colonization, we explored new ways of survival in space both naturally & artificially. In space defense, we use defensive techniques to protect ourselves from space hazards. Though these are the developments, there’re still more to develop. In astronomy, there’re still some of the unsolved questions like; what is our fate, what is the pre-condition of big bang, are we alone, why the universe came into existence, what is singularity, what is inside black holes & a lot. In aerospace, we still don’t have instruments which can reach our nearest star within few months or a year; we don’t have instruments to peer inside black holes, we don’t have instruments which reached beyond solar system & a lot. In space colonization, we don’t have yet send humans into other places of universe except moon. In space defense, we still can’t fully destroy an asteroid or a comet or a solar explosion. So, though these are developed fields, there must be more developments. For that to be a reality of tomorrow, we must have rapid researches & experiments in these fields.

As they’re in a team, all the 4 fields must be equally developed. We are in a first row of cosmic era, but getting a seat in first row is not enough. We must seat in the chief guests or V.V.I.P seats or the most special & honored seats. Then we’ll succeed. So what to do?

We must appoint a whole new generation of scientists & engineers. As these fields are tough, there must be very good educational systems from the primary level to the doctorate. A lot of genius scientists & engineers will really show color in these fields. Though, today we’ve a lot of leading scientists & engineers in these fields, we must have more & more.

Then, we must provide a good range of funds & schemes for both research & educational areas in these fields. We must use most of our economy in these fields. As we’re well-informed that earth is no more a safer place, spending our economy on earth is worthless. We must use not all, but most of our economy in space science.

So, far we’ve also take care of economics. For our survival, space science is must. But partially, we also need right economy to power these subjects & for that economics is must. So, we must also have good amount of knowledge on economics. As we know, today we’ve a new branch of economics, econophysics which study financial matters which the laws of physics. Thus, as it is also developed, we must develop it more & then use it in proper use for our survival.

We need economics because today we know that our world’s economy is being leaked. We can also consider black money for this. But white money is also not properly use. We are not using economy in proper ways. In one field, we are using our economy & in other we are not. Thus, economy is leaking. We’ve to fully develop our space science to go to space. But for that we must not only have talented scientists & engineers, we must also have financially strong funds. And for that we must have proper use of our economy. So, developments in economy are also important.

Moreover, not only space science & economics must be developed but also other related subjects like agriculture. There must be a new remix field of agriculture which involves the agricultural practices in space like martian soil or lunar soil. Like this, most of the subjects related to space must be developed well. But basically 7 most importantly, we need space science. Space science is our future. But for that, we must develop it. Today, space science is top-most requirement.

Yesterday, we needed space science to know our universe. But today & tomorrow we need or will need it for our survival. Still now, there’s no more pressure for exploration. But tomorrow, there’ll be many pressures in these fields. Because anyways, we’ve to leave earth & for that we need developments. We have to understand the universe in anyways. Thus, I recommend scientists & engineers & of course I’ll myself (after becoming astrophysicist) try very hard to develop space science today more & more so that we could resist public pressure. One thing is that if we’ll not die after 200 years, we have to die one day. So, we must prepare from today for survival any way. But as we know, earth’ll be destructed within 200 years, so we must rush to space. This is my idea. Hopefully, it is correct. To get explanation to our problems of expedition to space, we must develop space science & repair when required. Thus, space science is the basis of existence of life.

Earth is no more our home. We’ve to protect it from pollution for at least 200 years. We’ve to leave it after 200 years & go to Space: Our Next Home…

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Sandeep Deba Misra, Author