Earth was our home, is our home. But will it be our home tomorrow, in our future? It’s a question among scientists. It’s also among every people & it should be a matter of discussion among every terrestrial being. As discussed in my last post, Life: The Greatest Masterpiece OF The Universe, earth is a place where every situation is favorable for life to exist. After the long searching of nature, nature found earth to seed life. But after the notorious deed of human beings, life on earth is no more possible. The existence of life on earth is a matter of question. By the human activities, existence of life on earth is not possible to live. Almost 80% of the earth is polluted. So, living on such a place is not possible until 200 years or so. This idea is what told by British Astrophysicist & Cosmologist, Prof. Stephen Hawking. He told that living on earth is not worth full. After 200 years, we have to leave the earth. Earth will totally destroyed by another centuries. Prof. Hawking, in 50th anniversary NASA lecture told that space is what our next destination. It bears no meaning to waste more money on earth. Earth will not be suitable to live. So, better we should use our economy in space. He said.

These saying of Stephen Hawking are not lie or fiction. It’s a fact. We see that everywhere there are pollutions. Pollution is something which will not leave us until we leave them. But the time end. Nature gave chances for us several times. But we humans had not taken care of it. We just underestimated all of them. But this is our last chance. We will not get chances anymore. 80% of our earth is destroyed. In the following years, we’ll complete these 20%. And after that do you know what will happen? We’ll get such hostile, dangerous & cruel death which we have not ever imagined. It would be more dreadful than nightmare or most horror movies. We pollute our mother earth in various innumerable ways. Sometimes, we do it directly & sometimes indirectly. But we pollute our planet. By these greenhouse effect happen & then the global warming. By greenhouse effect, we trap the heat of incoming solar radiations. From the hundreds of years, it has been trapped & the trapping is being raise day-by-day. So, the heat cannot get out of the earth & get stored here in the atmosphere of earth. This all results in the rising of global temperature every year & this is the global warming. The average temperature of earth is increasing by 1 or 2 degree Celsius. Though we can’t easily observe its effect today very strongly, scientists are observing its dangerous effects. Today, the effect is not much more but tomorrow, it’ll be more. If we notice very carefully, we’ll get to know that the heat we fill in summer is getting raised every year. The problems are in polar ice-caps, the survival of wildlife. Let’s have a look on a most simple agent of causing pollution.

Firecrackers: Our Real Danger

We use firecrackers in celebrations. The firecrackers remarks our happy moments. But these firecrackers are our real danger. The gases it produces violently pollute our earth atmosphere. Though the impact of firecrackers couldn’t be easily observed, but it is an active agent of pollution. There are a lot of other agents of pollution. But here I’m discussing firecrackers specially & separately because almost every one of us is not aware about the notorious impact of it. We use it as a result of entertainment but in reality this entertainment is our culprit. We are giving more attention to vehicles, industries, plastics (& other non-biodegradable products) etc. But we all forgot about firecrackers. Though we are polluting our planet by other agents, we are also taking necessary steps to prevent it. But we are doing nothing about firecrackers. I’m observing that day-by-day the usages of firecrackers are increasing. Increasing in unbelievable rates. Inattentive of its effect, we are vastly using it. In every ceremony from festival to opening ceremony, we are using it. Actually, we are not expressing our joy by these crackers, but we are showing the upcoming danger on earth. It is a matter of concern. Firecrackers are our major threat. What we are thinking of as our feeling expresser, are our threat. What we’ve to do is to stop the use of these firecrackers. Firecrackers are our enemy, not friend. They are destroying mother earth. Special attention must be given to them. We are taking special steps to prevent pollutions by manufacturing low-pollution causing vehicles; by using natural, eco-friendly procedures of electric production; by using biodegradable, eco-friendly materials. But do any of us is thinking about firecrackers? Almost no one. We are today using billions of dollars (and other currencies) to prevent pollutions by manufacturing eco-friendly materials, vehicles, methods of electric production etc. These steps are very much effective & are showing their colors to decrease pollutions anymore. But the effort of producing such things are worthless to lot of extend if we don’t stop use of firecrackers. Firecrackers are one of our prime enemies among others. Suppose, a company launched a car which uses solar energy, wind power, hydrogen (combined with oxygen) to power itself & uses a very little amount of petroleum & thus producing pollution very negligible. It would be a successful step toward preventing pollutions. To express their feelings, they had burnt firecrackers. Now, you tell me is it an intelligent step or a foolish step? They had manufactured car producing almost no pollution & then in its launching ceremony, they had produced pollution by burning firecrackers. It is worthless to manufacture pollution-free cars. Because the amount of pollution which will not be produced by that car in a few drive is fulfilled by the firecrackers. The amount of pollution produced is necessarily to harm our planet badly. So, we must not use pollution in any chance, they are our prime enemy. What we think of as our friend is our foe. In various festivals, we user firecrackers. Festivals mark good sign of a prosperous beginning. That’s why we all wish our near dear with good wishes. But in such prosperous moment, we actually ruin everything by using these firecrackers. One such festival is deepawali celebrated in India. Traditionally, in this festival, we light lamps to mark the victory of Lord Rama (Hindu god) over Devil Ravana (Hindu demon king) or ultimate victory of good over evil. It also spread light & thus prevents darkness. But nowadays, people use firecrackers in this festival. Almost all over the world, deepawali celebrated with the use of lamps & our evil friend firecrackers. In this day, I think that pollution increase a lot. Use of these crackers results in the pollutions & wastage of money. Until the deepawali of 2009, I was also using these firecrackers. But in the last deepawali, i.e. the deepawali of 2010, my mind changed. I thought that the uses of these crackers are our major threat. They are one of the main agents of pollution. Not only they destruct earth, but also disturb wildlife by producing high noise. By taking all these impacts into account, I decided that I’ll not use firecrackers. I had told my parents that I’ll not use it. They were really proud me. My basic question was that what is the meaning of using something for our enjoyment which results in our destruction? By following that question, I had not used firecrackers in the last deepawali & I promise I’ll not do so in any of my occasions. I also used a logical question that what is the meaning of using firecrackers for a moment which will burn itself after a few seconds producing nothing more than pollution & wasting money? Instead I’ll use money for other usages for the celebration of deepawali. Though, still I hadn’t done it, but I think that instead of wasting money in firecrackers in any festival, it is worth to give money to those poor people who couldn’t celebrate the festivals for their poverty. I think that that’s the better use of money in any festival. When I had told my friends about not using firecrackers in the deepawali for the sake pollutions, they laughed at me. They asked me that what if only one person doesn’t use firecrackers, other will do it. I resisted. But unaware of the truth, they thought that it is worthless not to use firecrackers. But the contribution of only one person can lead to a revolution. Today, I’m doing it, tomorrow by following me, billions of people will not do this & day after tomorrow no one will do this. If one will show a way leading to a successful world, then why don’t every people will not follow it? They will surely follow. I had told them about this truth. I’m not sure whether or not they understood my motive. But I’m sure when everyone will understand my motive, then they’ll also. A few of my friends also told that if they will not use firecrackers during a festive season or occasions, then their neighbor will think them that they are not economically sound & they have no standard at all. I had laughed in their mentality. But one thing is that very few of my friends promised that they’ll not use crackers. But I had also told my followers that don’t promise me. I’m not forcing you at all. I’m just advising you & warning you about upcoming danger on earth. You’ve your choice. That’s what happened with my friends. This is a sample of mentality of people on earth. I’m not sure about every people but most of us think like this. Leave this mentality. No one will laugh at you if you don’t welcome a threat. Every one of us will be proud of you as you are a person who is showing a good step. Today, Stephen Hawking also told people not to use economy on earth but should use it in space. Do anyone laughed at him? No one. Though my friends laughed at me today, they’ll not do so tomorrow. We all know about pollutions, but we all are not utilizing that knowledge. That makes the difference. This is my objective of launching SANDEEP’S COSMOS- to develop intellectual perspectives in every one of us.

Use of firecrackers must be stopped to stop pollutions any more. Not only crackers, but every kind of pollution should be stopped. We should take initiatives to do so, to protect our mother earth from culprits. But why these all? Why we should stop pollution? We’ll go to space, then why should we worry about its destruction?  Let’s answer this question in the following unit.

To be continued in Part-II…

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