How will be our future? How it’ll be? Every one of us thinks like this. Once I had taken part in a competition held by Dr. Michio Kaku in his blog, Dr. kaku’s Universe.  There, I had posted top 20 futuristic ideas or technologies which will be possible within 100 years. Here is an excerpt of my post. Hope you’ll enjoy it. There are 20 parts of it. Each consisting of single technology. Here are they. Enjoy.


First, i’ll talk on weaponries or defensive mechanism. We are seeing clear-cut technologies in laser. Lasers will be our main defensive mechanism in the future. From now, we are able to cut metals using lasers. In the next 100 years, the laser will be advanced more. We’d not have any more bullets of metals. Now, we’ll shoot bullets made out of photons. The defensive mechanism, which we’ll use, is laser. Lasers’ll be developed so much that in future we’ll make laser which could pass through any material objects but cutting through them. The weapons like gun, pistols, will have lasers fitted. If one has to defend against something, he or she’ll not fire a material bullet, rather he/she’ll fire a sharp thin beam of laser & the laser will be so powerful that it’ll harm the person badly. The laser’ll not only pass through human tissues, it’ll pass through other materials like leads & others. So, if one hides in the other side of the wall, one could easily fire a beam of laser & the beam will pass through the wall making a whole on it & then, pass through the person in the other side & the person’ll die at once. This will be the future defensive weaponries.


Second will be the spectacle which could see through any materials. Suppose, you’re in a room & you’ve to look on the other side of the room, what you’ll do in the future is that you’ll switch a button on in the spectacle & you could watch through the wall. This technology will work by the x-ray vision of technology. By using safe x-ray, the glass will be made such that x-ray will pass through the wall & an electromagnetic sensor will pick up the wavelength, thus you’ll be able to see a colorful picture of the next room.


Third will a force field which could easily lift heavy objects. The idea is that suppose you’re reading “physics of the future” in your room lying on the bed. There’re some snacks in your table. You don’t want to go to take the snacks so, you’ll point a torch like thing to that snacks & fire a beam of force field around the packet of that snack. The snack will now inside that force field bubble & you’ll move that torch towards you & the snack will get lifted using force field & you could enjoy the snacks right in your bed. Such force field will also use for defensive mechanism by making a force field bubble around ourselves to get defended against something. However, very powerful force field will arrive after some more centuries.


Fourth, will be a spectacle which could be operated to watch internet, television program & also what a person think. You’ll switch a button on & could surf internet by using your eye movements. (we’ll discuss such eye movements in fifth part). You could also see your favorite programs there. One more advance part however will be the ability to read what one think. You’ve to watch toward a person & write his name in the internet of the spectacle & you’ll know every data about the person. And suppose you want to know what he’s thinking, You’ll press a second button & all the thing he/she is thinking will be get recorded in front of that spectacle. Oops! Don’t think badly about others!


Fifth, as discussed in forth part, will be high-tech contact lens. The idea is that the contact lens would have such force field & radiations that it’ll move anything you want by some of the movements of your retina. If you want to move physics of the future to the right side of your desk, you look at the book & move your retina to the right & book’ll be shifted to right. This contact lens will operate any thing you want. This’ll be a fantastic technology ever.


Sixth, will be very tiny, but intelligent robots, called nanobots (nano-robots). These nanobots will be packed in a capsule. You take the capsule after your meal once in a decade. When the capsule will enter to your body, it’ll open & the nanobots will come out of the capsule & will be scattered to every possible parts of the body. And the capsule will be disposed. Now, every nanobots will have a sensor which will be connected to your spectacle. If any kind of microbes attack your body, these nanobots will at once pick up the signal & send a signal to your spectacle & your spectacle will show that some microbes are detected in your body & you’ll also get full information of the microbes. Now you’ve the option of deleting these. You’ll look in the delete button of the spectacle screen & the microbes will get deleted by the attack of the nanobots. This is like deleting virus in the computer. This is a good medical development because presently, when microbes attack your body, they do severe damages & when damages become significant, you get trouble & take medicines to kill them. But they’ve still done some damages. This will increase next time also & the whole story will go on forever & after that your whole body get damage & you die. So, if your body doesn’t get any kind of damages, you’ll for a longer spell of time.


Seventh, will be a memory recorder. There’ll be high-tech electronic chips fitted in our brains which could easily record what we’re thinking. These chips will of great value as it’ll help to record your memory. You could take out the chips & put it in your pc to watch what you’ve thought or you could also watch them right by the spectacles directly, without taking out these chips.


Eight, will be holographic televisions. These televisions will be what a lot many people would certainly like. These televisions, will not get any kind of glasses, it’ll be opened. Now, when you’ll open the television to watch your favorite episodes of star trek, there’ll be 3 dimensional hologram characters that could be feel. You could enjoy a real program. You’d not have to go outside to watch your favorite football match, rather you’ll watch it on it & the experience will be like of a real match.



Ninth, will be an advanced electronic device which could easily be able to transform your physical structure of your body. You’ll be able to make your body gaseous or you could also change the shape, size etc. of your body. This may however take some decades more to be come in effect with human or living organism. This will be more common among other materials.


Tenth, will be teleport machine. This machine will use the principle of teleportation. By using this, human could teleport anything to anywhere. Suppose, you’ve ordered physics of the future in an online bookstore & asked them to deliver it to your address, they’ll ask you to give the domain number of your teleport machine & you’ll give them. They’ll put the book in their teleport machine & enter your domain number. And in a second, the book will be get delivered to your teleport machine & you’ll enjoy reading with great joy.


Eleventh, will be space elevator. This elevator will be able to use teleportation technology by which you could get to space. You go inside the space elevator & type where in space you’d like to go & at once you’ll get there.


Twelevth will be invisibility cloak. You’ll be able to become invisible whenever, wherever you want. Only thing to do is to press a button of a machine attached in your body & the machine will either absorb or deflect the electromagnetism to a- different way so that you’ll be able to become invisible.


Thirteen will be the advanced cooking apparatus. We’d have such technical cooing apparatus that you’ve add the required items of a particular dish & have to write it’s name in the cooking machine & your favorite dish will appear in front you. Yummy! It’ll be good for food lover like me. I don’t have to disturb my mom anymore. Second food related machines will be spectacle which will be able to feel a different taste of a food. Suppose, you don’t like milk, you like colas. But we’re well aware that milk is more good then colas. So, you’ll wear that spectacle & will be able to see the glass of milk as glass of cold cola & when you’ll drink it, the taste will be exact like the taste of cola though it’s milk & you’ll get nutrition of milk. It’ll be an illusion of cola, not the real cola. But the benefit is that now you’re able to drink what you want to drink & got nutrition of other.


Fourteenth will be pollution-free fuels. There’ll be fuels which will not have any environmental or other kinds of hazard. They’ll be energy efficient. You’ll get energy in higher proportion. For ex, you’ll get 80% energy of what you’ve burnt. These fuels will be synthesized artificially in laboratories so; they will not be costly & will not run out easily.


Fifteenth, will be flying devices. These will be such high-tech devices that you boy will be weight lesser than air & you’ll be able to fly where you want with ease. You’ll wear such devices in your body & activate them & you’ll be able to fly to fly wherever you want.


Sixteenth, will be robots. There’ll be robots so advanced that they’ll fulfill each & every human needs, from households to industrials. You’ll be able to everything with help of these robots. Thus robots will be highly advanced.


Seventeenth, will be genetic engineering. This will be so that human’s & living organisms’ DNA will be developed such that probably, most of the microbes would not be able to enter the bodies. Human & other living organisms will be very intelligent relative to today. Human’s children will be able to do equations of string theory when they’ll be in first standard. Crops will not easily get damaged by pesticides & so on.


Eighteenth, will be a topic of defense my using force fields. We’ll be such advanced force fields by end of 2100 century or by the beginning of 2200 century that we’ll create strong force fields around earth that the earth will be get protected from asteroids, solar radiation or other type of space hazards. These force fields will not only protect our earth but also protect us in space.


Nineteenth, will be high-tech, tight securities. There’ll be huge advance security systems all around the world. There’ll be high-tech computers which will scan your brain to know by what intention you’re going to a particular place. Securities will be tight using high-tech robots as well as computers & other machineries.


Twentieth & final futuristic prediction & what i really like is in astrophysics. Theory of everything will be solved. There’ll be rapid advances in astrophysics.

These will be the 20 technological breakthroughs coming true soon. Note that these all will change the ways of living. So, wait for these all to come. There’ll be more such discussion. But for that stay tuned!


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Sandeep Deba Misra, Author