A lot of people try hard in their life to get achievements. There are a lot of people in this world who get ultimate success in their lifetime. We all praise them by paying tribute to them. In the list of the great achievers, there’ll be a lot of scientists, engineers, artisans, lawyers, writers, philosophers, religious scholars, filmmakers & so on. These are just the few examples. There’re a lot of people in various fields who got significant success in their lifetimes. Among them, some came from rich backgrounds & others from poor. Their contributions are their identity. They became immortal on the earth because their works are always praised in our world. Aristotle, Ptolemy, Archimedes, Aryabhatta & a lot uncountable personalities who lived a lot of  centuries ago, are still praised after hundreds of years later for their works. What actually they did? They actually contributed unthinkably to their fields.  They’re the masters of their time. In the list of successful people, there’ll be a lot of people to list, but for the sake of time, we’ll not mention all of them.

Now, we’ll discuss people who don’t get success in their life. These people always get unnoticed to people because they had not contributed to the world. They’re someone who get forgotten after their death. In this list, there’ll be a lot of people. Almost most of the people, don’t get huge achievements. They don’t contribute to their fields much. They just do their official & personal works. Yeah of course, there’re are people who are very rich & of course very educated, but actually they don’t contribute much.

Now, we’ve got an idea of 2 classes of people in the world- One who are remarkable in the world & one who don’t. Now, the question is that why a few people get remarkable in the world? Why a few people become celebrity & others not? Why there’re few Einstein? Actually, in this world, there’re a few people who identify their talents or specialties. And that make the prime reason. Take a situation. There’s a class of 30 students. In that, there’ll be say, 20 good students  & 10 average students. Among the good students, there’ll 10 toppers who almost frequently score high. Among these toppers, there’ll be only 1 or 2 celebrities. Yeah of course, 10 toppers are also excellent. They’ll of course have bright future, good jobs, good salaries, good social status & so on.  But in the list of them, there’ll be hardly 1 or 2 toppers who’ll be remembered forever in the world. Equally, these 1 or 2 would also have bright future, good jobs, good salaries, good social status & so on. But the difference will be that they’ll significantly contribute to their fields, they’ll be remembered, paid tribute forever. They’ll be celebrated personalities in the world. They’ll be listed in the list of toppers of the world. These all are because, in the list of 10 toppers; 9 or 8 are those who study hard, but actually didn’t find their talents, didn’t go in the right direction, didn’t have actual talent in the fields where they made their careers. And the left 1 or 2 will be those who have identified their talent, went in the right direction, have talent in the fields where they made their career. This is the main reason why  few people become celebrities. A lot of people just choose common careers & actually they don’t have much interests on that & don’t have talent on that discipline. But as the discipline is common among others & easy, they choose such careers but these careers don’t make people successful. There’re some cases when a person choose a particular career because it contains a lot of benefits & an established career. But if you actually like a career by heart, don’t follow such things. you choose that career & after that you try to establish that career with your own idea. By this, you maybe the founder of that particular career.

By these last lines of the last paragraphs, you could then figure out another thing that a person become celebrity by his/her thoughts in right direction. It’s very much important for anyone to develop a good thinking in the right direction. actually, homo sapiens are very intelligent. They’ve sharp thinking. But there’re some such homo sapiens who actually use their thinking in right direction. A person is known by his/her thinking, not by other things. It’s the most fantastic quality that any living being can develop.  Actually, most of us seldom think about something. We all have innovation in ourselves, but we generally don’t make use of it. There’s another product of human which is the fact human is so successful & this is the tendency to ask questions. Human so complex beings that they can ask question.Even a computer can’t ask questions till now if it is not programmed. Actually human minds’ are not fully programmed. They can adopt to a condition & can modify it accordingly. If you take a computer instead, it’d not be able to act if it stuck in a condition which is not under its programming. That’s best quality of human being & if any human use such qualities in good ways, then not only every people will be successful, but yeah the whole earth will be revolutionized. The questions actually make revolution. Don’t just accept a thing. First, analyze it, think upon it, then question it in various ways & if you justify as correct, you accept it. In fact, these all things make discoveries & invention. A lot of people beliefs in traditions whether the particular traditional practice is good or bad. You better welcome changes. If something is not correct, then don’t support it. There are still supernatural beliefs in some countries. Why? Because these countrymen beliefs in tradition. But they actually don’t think something differently, in other angles. We must welcome good changes. I’m not advising to welcome such changes which are wrong. You observe a thing or a practice in different directions or angles  & then think about it seriously & by making justification, you accept or reject it. That’s what great achievers did or will do. There’s no need of simply accepting everything. These are specially common among scientists. But I’m telling for everyone. People must question everything &  think on it to get answer & of course should revolutionize something is it is not correct or have to be modified. Such abilities in a person make them unique in the world. And to your amazement, these qualities are in all human. The fact is that whether you are using such talents.

Another secret behind successful people is courage & believe. Those who believe in themselves always get success in life.  They always believe in their works & do that with courage. For example, take String Theory. At the time of making string theory, it was not popular & was underestimated. String theory has been challenged by numerous problems since its creation to till date. But string theorists never give up. They shape out the theory with courage & great believes. And now, the theory is one of the celebrated theory. To me, the theory has such beauty & promises that it’ll surely achieve the ultimate of the universe & beyond. Now, what we understand from this celebrated theory? Never give up in any case. There’ll be a lot of hurdles to overcome to get something big, bigger, biggest. But you’ve to take every step with courage & believe in yourself. You’ll be challenged in life several time. But courage & believe in mind make people perfect. Impossibilities can be achieved by courage & believe.

Positive thinking is also very important if you want to achieve something & get ultimate success. See, everything in the universe has one positive property & one negative or 2 properties which can cancel each other out.  For example, this blog  has +50 good properties & -50 bad & total is (+50)+(-50)=0. What did you understand? Actually, I’m not teaching you math. Rather, I’m teaching you a property of the universe. This calculation means that everything in the universe has zero (0)  property i.e., no properties at all. But a thing get its properties by the way it is taken By the way we are thinking about a thing. So, if you think positively that this blog is good, then it’ll be good by a numerable value. We don’t the value. But maybe it’s +10, +15, +20,+35, & even +100 at all. and the same will be happen if you take this blog negatively. But the difference will of  negative sign. Now, it’s practical. So, nothing have an ultimate property or reality. This change from situation to situation. One of the world’s greatest astrophysicist, Prof. Stephen Hawking (shown in the right side of the above two images) & Dr. Leonardo Mlodinow, in their recent book, The Grand Design, figured out that their is no ultimate reality in the universe. So, for our discussion, we’ll use this property of the universe to achieve success. See, as there’s no ultimate reality, if you consider something as positive, then everything around you’ll be good. Never take something negatively. Negativity is the main step toward failure. Think everything as positive. Be positive in every aspect of life. Whatever the situation, take it positively. Think it in positive way & act accordingly. Actually, according to me, negativity is an illusion. It’s actually a mirage (as in desert. ) Negativity misleads us in our ways. That’s the true. If you could make the way through this illusion, then there’ll be no way you’ll fail. So, if you consider something in positive aspects, then there’ll be nothing difficult or confusing for you.

Great personalities always use their talents or learning. All of us has talents. Everyone learn but a little use their knowledge & that’s the difference between celebrities & ordinary people. We all get degrees. We all collect a wealth of knowledge. But we all don’t use them. If you’ve talents  & knowledge, then use them in good ways. That’s the secret behind great ideas. Whenever, you get something to learn, then try to use them in various ways. You use them your practical life & try to get something different from them. No one can become scientists or any inventor or discoverer if you don’t use your ideas. A person really don’t have talent if he/she don’t use it  accept scoring good marks in exam. If you score good marks in exams, it really doesn’t mean that you’re talented. But if you use it to discover new ideas, then you are actually talented. Once Albert Einstein quoted, “Imagination is greater than knowledge.” This line means that if you can use your knowledge to imagine a new idea, then you’re talented in real sense. Your knowledge is worthless if you don’t use it. Einstein himself was a failure man. He was worse in study. But he used is unique ability of asking questions to revolutionized the world. The man who was a failure earlier later became the greatest scientists ever & TIME Magazine chose him as the man of the century. What was the secret behind this man? Actually, there’s no secret, but Einstein has imagination & that’s his specialty. But everyone has imagination. Everyone could become Einstein but actually there’s a single Einstein because everyone don’t use their knowledge.

Successful personalities also have wide-visions. We people should always have a wide-vision. Wide-vision is something which help to develop a good insight into the world around & beyond. A lot of personalities had or have wide-visions. Some personalities have such wide-visions that they almost predict the future with great accuracy. Wide-visions are what a successful person need to keep his/her success. We must have good visions to our tomorrow to develop it further. What the time has not achieved, wide-vision can achieve. To say, our wide-visions  can explore everything from the farthest reaches of cosmos to the deepest of the atom. Those things which are far ahead from our time are imagined by our wide-vision. One of the internationally famed physicist & futurist, Dr. Michio Kaku, in his latest book, Physics of the Future, predicted  into 100 years. So, he has a wide-vision. Everyone of us  has wide-visions, but everyone don’t make use of it. That’s the difference.

Through out the blog we’ve explored following ways to success:

1. Recognizing talent & making career in that.

2. Having good thinking in right direction.

3. Utilizing the knowledge into good usages.

4. Courage & believe in itself.

5. Positive thinking.

6. Imagination.

7. Wide-visions.

8. Tendency to ask questions.

These are the 7 ways to success. There’re a lot of other ways to success. Success is something which don’t come in one day. As quoted, Rome was not built in one day, success can’t be achieved in one day. We’ve to wait for success to come. Success is a matter of chance. Main thing is the courage to the work. If you don’t get success today, you’ll of course get it tomorrow. Now, the fact is that whether you’re doing the work or not. If you want to something, you’ve to do something. Basically, we need 2 things to get success. First, think about something. Then, work on it with courage. Convert your thoughts to work. As E=mc2, S=tw, where S is success, t is thinking & w is work. That’s my success equation. If you follow this with remaining above five other ways, then I’m sure you’ll get success & will be a remarkable personality in the world. Thinking is something basic with achieve success. As once quoted by mathematician & philosopher Rene Descartes, “I think, therefore I am”. It means that he is known or he is for his thinking. So, that’s the fact. Success is something which is inside ourselves but a lot of people don’t use them as they should. Everyone of us contribute to the society in some ways, but a very little people contribute enormously to the whole world & beyond it. And these people are what we called celebrity or great personality. Humans are one of the most amazing living creature on the whole cosmos. We all are human beings. But difference because we all don’t use our qualities. There’s no secret behind great achievers because these all are inside everyone of us. But the small  secret is that these people use their talents & do what listed above. Don’t think that you’ve no quality. You’ve actually have a lot of quality. But make use of it & become the celebrated personality. Your thinking is your identity. Remember one thing, first make yourself good, better, best & of course you’ll get success. Don’t wait for success. You’ll of course get it once you make yourself best. Do the best, get the best. How I’ve written these ways to success? Did I copied from elsewhere or did i cheat? Actually, I didn’t do these all. I’ve just thought on that. No one help me. But my thinking help me. Everyone can have thinking. Just peep inside yourself & you’ll get everything. So, have you got the answer to the question?

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Sandeep Deba Misra, Author